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The Good Night Reviews

  • Crawford 2022-10-24 22:53:39

    A sleepwalking movie that inexplicably enters but is inexplicably poked

           Looking at this poster on my mobile phone, I can't tell who is who. It's a big reason why I missed this film for a long time. Anyway, I can guess Simon Jun in the lower left. As a result, the first male protagonist in the upper right is Chao Ye, I'm astonished. figure it out. As a result, I...

  • Remington 2022-10-24 21:03:09

    Simply Boring Night

    [Those who think that who and who is now (2013) are considered promising, obviously everyone has a different concept of "promising", please click "useless" at will, don't bother to write a response to each other's disgusting, thank you] This is the first time I watched it in a disc store When I...

  • Chris 2022-10-24 17:31:55

    Glory in dreams makes me sad

    This is a movie that is very suitable for my current state. The protagonist in the film has achieved nothing, is restless, and under the pressure of the bleak reality, his subconscious mind has led him into fantasy. The dream has everything he wants, beauty, love, success, glory. However, after...