The Good Night release date

2022-10-24 23:33
Country release/release date
The United States of America USAJanuary 25, 2007.(SundanceFilmFestival)
The Federal Republic of Germany, Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland GermanyFebruary 8, 2007.(EuropeanFilmMarket)
The French Republic FranceMay 20, 2007.(CannesFilmMarket)
The United States of America USA June 16, 2007.(NantucketFilmFestival)
The Czech Republic CzechRepublic July 7, 2007.(KarlovyVaryFilmFestival)
Russia Russia August 9, 2007.(limited)
GreeceGreeceAugust 30, 2007.(Athens)
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The Good Night quotes

  • Terry: [Paul and Gary are hiding in Terry's apartment] I know you're here, Paul. The doorman told me you just came in. Come out and I won't be mad.

    Paul: [sits up on the couch] Did you or did you not fuck a lumberjack by the name of Randy?

    Terry: That's none of your business.

    Paul: Is that a yes?

    Terry: I'm not answering that.

    Paul: Oh, for fuck's -- well, all right, well -- What, does he go to the gym alll the time, does he?

    Terry: What?

    Paul: [picks up a vase of flowers] From Randy?

    [smashes the vase]

    Paul: I'm gonna rape you!

    Gary: [Gary steps out from behind the corner] Hi, Terry.

    Terry: Hi, Gary.

    Gary: He is not gonna rape you.

    Terry: That's a relief. How are you, Gary?

    Gary: I'm OK, thanks. I'm gonna just take him home.

  • Anna: [Melodia on street] You're making me feel like I have to break up with you- and I don't even know you.

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