The Good Night movie plot

2022-10-24 21:53
The protagonist of the story, Gary , is a man who pursues perfection in everything. He used to be a successful Music Producer , but his career was up and down, and his relationship with his girlfriend Dora was elusive. The more commercial tunes he wrote became more and more vulgar, while his best friend, former bandmate Christopher Emmanuel Paul , kept breaking new ground. Frustrated, Gary meets Ana Amari . Ana Amari is exactly the kind of girl Gary dreamed of, from his aesthetic point of view, as well as intellectual level and sexuality, she just fits Gary's standards. The problem is, she only exists in Gary's dreams. In order to keep dreaming of Ana Amari, Gary slept more and more, he refused to accept the explanation that Ana Amari appeared in the dream actually represented a similar trouble in his life, and was only willing to indulge in the dream to escape reality. 
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The Good Night quotes

  • Terry: [Paul and Gary are hiding in Terry's apartment] I know you're here, Paul. The doorman told me you just came in. Come out and I won't be mad.

    Paul: [sits up on the couch] Did you or did you not fuck a lumberjack by the name of Randy?

    Terry: That's none of your business.

    Paul: Is that a yes?

    Terry: I'm not answering that.

    Paul: Oh, for fuck's -- well, all right, well -- What, does he go to the gym alll the time, does he?

    Terry: What?

    Paul: [picks up a vase of flowers] From Randy?

    [smashes the vase]

    Paul: I'm gonna rape you!

    Gary: [Gary steps out from behind the corner] Hi, Terry.

    Terry: Hi, Gary.

    Gary: He is not gonna rape you.

    Terry: That's a relief. How are you, Gary?

    Gary: I'm OK, thanks. I'm gonna just take him home.

  • Anna: [Melodia on street] You're making me feel like I have to break up with you- and I don't even know you.

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