Young director, mature work

Bertha 2022-09-16 22:34:49

This is a movie I watched recently. The film takes Kelly's 24-hour high school life as a clue, interspersed with the lives of six high school students. The film did not explain who committed suicide at the beginning. With the 24 hours of flashback, the story gradually unfolded. Everyone has their own pain and secrets behind them. However, Kelly, who seemed happy, finally chose to end her life with a pair of scissors. I keep thinking, why is it her and not someone else? Each protagonist in the film seems to have more reason to commit suicide than Kelly, and the unique perspective of the film uncovers the hidden side of each protagonist, and they all struggle in their own situation... Although each has its own pain and It's a secret, but even Melody, who was raped and pregnant by his brother, didn't commit suicide, and even Steven, who had to endure ridicule and ridicule every day, didn't choose to commit suicide. Why Kelly? Is it because she is the most neglected and indifferent one? Is all pain no match for this indifference? Or, as a bystander, she has insight into the pain of everyone, and it turns out that those who seem happy are not happy, including herself, and there is no hope for her to live?
Melody said Kelly was lucky, and maybe yes, the living still had to face all the problems. In the film, the interview-style monologue of each person is interspersed with black and white shots, linking their actions, as if bringing us closer to the inner world of the characters. At the end of the film, the scene of Kelly's suicide is shown in an extremely realistic way. I felt the real shock at the moment when the scissors went down. Suicide also requires courage. All seemingly happy souls have pain that they cannot face, and all seemingly strong hearts have the most vulnerable side.
I never felt like this movie was just about high school kids, they're not kids anymore. I was also amazed that the director's camera language was so skillful - this was his work when he was 19 years old.

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