The bright moon decorates your windows, you decorate other people's dreams

Bethany 2022-11-22 00:49:11

The film impresses me deeply is the large section of the confession.
At this time, it will be black and white, and everyone's face will be magnified and pale in front of us. Whether it is melancholy, pain, helplessness, and accusation, it will appear real and intuitive.
I don't know if I remember correctly, there was no Kelly in the confession at the beginning, and her picture was played after she committed suicide, but she was the only one who was happy. She said that she liked small animals, and she smiled very happily.
In fact, I think she was originally timid, she made a big decision to commit suicide, painfully hesitating, very tangled. But I remember that sean said he was not afraid of death. Maybe the torture in reality is more painful than death, that's why he said that? Or was he just talking, after all, he was still alive.
Others, some have a confident appearance but are tormented by jealousy and suspicion, some are in a position that everyone is envied and sought after, but they are careful to guard their unbearable secrets in front of the public eye, and some people have always been in dire straits. , Whether it is physical or psychological, some people show themselves as honored students, but they commit shameful crimes behind their backs, and some seem to be indifferent, but they are enduring shame.

Oscar Wilde said: Surface qualities are the only ones that last, and the deep essence of man is quickly discovered.
The sadness that everyone endures is insignificant to this world, and the same to others. Some people are willing to be ignored and ignored, and some people can't stand the slightest loneliness. Maybe it confirms that sentence: everyone is an island. Those inextricably linked connections may be watched or forgotten, and the connection will never cease, but emotionally they will be ignored.

Poor kelly, lovely kelly, maybe your death is worthless, maybe you are just a friend, just a classmate, just a little shadow, in other people's world, you are an ornament, with you, the world may It will be a little different, but without you, the world goes on the same.

It’s just that I think that’s the case with everyone. To put it in a relatively common language: no one belongs to anyone (well, I’m not a gray bull, really).

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