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Dayton 2022-09-23 03:24:44

There doesn't seem to be much wind and waves, and there doesn't seem to be that kind of chill or coldness. To describe such horrors in a very calm, even aesthetic way.

In fact, Melanie has an inexplicable affection for Fosigu, hating it and admiring it inexplicably. Melanie is a very gifted but reticent, very self-respecting girl. And Fusigu's fame made her not care about Melanie. The unintentional act of a big man can ruin a child's flying wings and future.
Melanie was angry, but forbearance. Declare all hatred with tears and a locked piano. And then like a graceful cheetah waiting for an opportunity.
Her cleverness was admired by Feixigu, and her calmness and silence made Feisigu depend on her. Her boldness, directness, forced Feixigu to have nowhere to retreat, but became addicted, and slowly fell in love with him.
Melanie is like an Avenger at his leisure, though. There was a moment of infatuation as she kissed the lips she hated. I think she still loves Fésigu, the woman with all the longing and brokenness of her dreams, who admires her achievements and talents and resents her inattentiveness and self-righteousness.
Melanie's love is heroin. Obsessed, devastated, and devastated.
The cruel smile in the last scene seems to announce that everything will end, and it seems to start anew. Ruining this once-famous musician, I have a hunch that they will meet again, and maybe this time, they will not face each other with hatred.

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