The Page Turner movie plot

2022-07-10 15:30
The protagonist of the film, Melanie, lives in a small town in the French provinces. Her father is a butcher shop owner. Melanie showed a unique talent for pianoforte when she was in her teens , so she went to take the entrance exam for the Conservatory of Music. However, the arrogant and rude attitude of the chairman of the jury, a famous pianoforte family, affected Melanie's performance and missed the Conservatory of Music. And this experience made Melanie's young heart hurt even more, so Melanie decided to give up pianoforte.
Time flies, and 10 years later, Melanie interned at a well-known law firm whose owner, Faucigu, was the husband of the jury president who told her to bid farewell to pianoforte. Immediately, Melanie's excellent organizational skills and devotion to her career impressed Fusigu and asked her to take care of her son at home. So, Melanie and Mrs. Fosigu met unexpectedly. With complicated emotions, Melanie, while admiring the wonderful melody of the pianoforte family, also translated the score for her. It's not only that, the waves of revenge It started surging in Melanie's chest.
When Melanie was practicing piano at the pianoforte family, she helped the pianoforte family to turn over the sheet music, and helped her to achieve the success of the radio concert, and finally became the pianoforte family's official music scorer, won the pianoforte family's trust, and also walked into the pianoforte family. in the heart of the pianoforte family. At this time, Melanie suddenly disappeared during a very important performance. The pianoforte family was very nervous because they couldn't find Menilla, and the performance level plummeted, causing the trio to lose their jobs. Then, the pianoforte family returned home and did not blame Melanie. When Melanie was about to leave, Melanie asked for a signed photo of the pianoforte family. The pianoforte family chose a photo and wrote their blessings on the back. The next day, Melanie left early and put the autographed photo in the pianoforte husband's letter pile.
At the same time, Melanie asked the pianoforte son to practice the fast-paced pianoforte, and told him that it was a secret, and he was not allowed to tell others, and finally made him sick and may never play pianoforte again.
At the end of the film, the pianoforte husband came home and saw the autographed photo when he was flipping through his letter. The back read: Dear Melanie, I hope to see you again, your love has rekindled my hope and passion for life, I love you. The husband took the photo and looked at the pianoforte family, the pianoforte family turned away speechless, the background music was the super fast pianoforte song played by the son. Finally, the pianoforte family collapsed to the ground. and Melanie walked on her own path with her luggage.
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