Only love keeps her awake

Lynn 2022-09-19 21:12:43

Rooney Mara has a lot of feeling in everything, especially this kind of being regarded as neurotic. I have seen her dragon tattoo girl before, and I am also deeply attracted by this special girl.

When it comes to the plot, perhaps, as a woman, only deep love and the kind of flesh-and-blood affection for her children are the pillars that keep her alive and awake. Fortunately, she finally lived to see her son.

The two male protagonists are very sad, both fall in love with the female protagonist, and neither can be with her. One went to the battlefield because of the war, leaving behind her and the child he didn't know, and later came back and was beaten to death by a bunch of villains in the village who had been coveting the heroine for a long time. That bunch of villains is scarier than anything. One is a priest, who has a special status but is deeply attracted by the heroine. Even though everyone misunderstood that the child is his, but fortunately it was him who kept her child alive and in a good family, because she was in a mental hospital, And really can not give him good living conditions. The priest is so cruel, he didn't tell her for so many years, and let her spend 40 years in a mental hospital with her past and empty heart!

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The Secret Scripture quotes

  • Dr. William Grene: How do you feel?

    Lady Rose: Like someone took my soul.

  • Lady Rose: I committed my memories to the Book of Rose, my secret scripture.