China's Margarita (not a film review's review)

Kylie 2022-10-06 19:10:38

Who is Margaret? She is an old French lady, nearly old, full of white hair, thin as dry wood, and her life has already entered the countdown of seconds. But when she was wearing an elegant silk dress, a pink knitted sweater, and sitting on a stone bench in the park, of course, she did not forget to put a soft cushion before sitting down, her eyes twinkling, and she looked at the square with a smile. Pigeons, I suddenly feel that getting old may not be so scary anymore.

I like this old French lady. Her weak body is full of life force. Although she has no children, she is not alone. She loves life, is willing to share and communicate with others, and finds wisdom companions in reading. She spends her days alone. A person with spiritual beliefs will not be afraid of anything, whether it is the so-called loneliness or death, because people are born alone, and from the first day of birth, we start the journey of death, and everyone cannot stop. Time cannot avoid death. So please accept it and make your day as comfortable as possible.

I admire Margaret, but there may be too many people around us who feel sorry for this lonely old woman and feel that she has nowhere to go. Look at how happy we are in life, with grandchildren and granddaughters all day long. With family happiness. It is true that this is really happy, but isn’t it tiring to live for parents when you are young, live for marriage when you grow up, live for your children after marriage, and still surround the next generation when you are old? Really never bored, complained! I don't think it's true. Humans are inherently selfish. This is their nature. Why do Chinese people get so tired around the so-called virtues of their ancestors for thousands of years? !

I'm not saying it's fashionable to be a lonely old French lady, of course, (well, I admit I did admire Marguerite when I saw it). In other words, it means whether you can treat yourself as an independent individual, yes, just be a little more independent, and ask more about the real needs of your inner self. When you are young, don’t just think about buying a house, getting married, and saving money to have a child under the nagging of your parents, relatives and friends all day long; when you are middle-aged, don’t just think about what your children eat today, how to improve their academic performance, and buying financial products. Buy that kind; don't just ask your children when you are old Do it.

Please take your self to enjoy life, maybe it is to fart and laugh with your friends, maybe it is to spend the next month with your lover, maybe it is a walk alone, blowing the evening breeze, maybe it is just reading a good book by yourself and smiling knowingly . Hey, so many beautiful things, have you felt them, have you felt them?

I only hope that one day in the future, when a Margaret is sitting in a park in China, everyone will not look at her with sad and sympathetic eyes, not whispering about her private life behind her back, and will not feel that her There is something strange about life. Just talk to her and enjoy a good afternoon.

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