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The story background of "One Night with the King" is based on a story of Esther in the ancient Persian period of "Bible, Old Testament, Esther" (Esther). A story of a queen with perseverance, selfless devotion, and the courage to sacrifice. Esther saved the Jews in Persia, but failed to reflect that the sack and slaughter of Haman's father by the Jews was the root cause of everything. I spent some time analyzing the difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament, studying the expressions of history between different peoples, and the results were all wars and injuries. Today you plunder my wealth, tomorrow I plunder his wealth. I don't want to ask, why in the name of God, after plundering wealth, blame God for giving more. How did the greedy Jewish nation become like this? In the past, I betrayed God, but now I plunder the whole world... I have to be both a bitch and an archway and say that I am a victim! Shameless! ! Look at the history of the Jewish people, read the history of Judah, and see what the Jewish people have done for thousands of years. Full of betrayal, depravity, incest, slaughter... There are too many derogatory terms for me to fully express the role of the Jewish nation in world history.
"One Night with the King" said at the beginning that a nation was destroyed by the Jewish nation, and Haman's father was killed, so Haman came with hatred for the Jews. Haman's mad revenge against the Jews in Persia reflects how the Jewish people who were slaughtered in a historical period looked forward to peace. As the prime minister at that time, Haman used all means to attack the slaughter of Jews, which was a bit of a retribution. At the same time, the Jews are also using wisdom and means to create conditions for survival, even if the 'queen' is sacrificed, the king must not go out. This kind of silly Esther doesn't look like a pure-blooded Jew at all. He doesn't have that kind of selfishness at all, and he appears in front of the camera in a near-perfect woman's form. The Jewish man in the camera is a little more realistic, and he shows his selfishness and betrayal of relatives and friends as much as possible. I admired Mordecai, Esther's adoptive father, who was not a man at all. Luring, abducting, and threats can be said to be omnipotent to achieve their goals. He is an extremely cunning old fox, the main conspirator and black hand in the middle and later stages of the story. It's a pity that the details of Mordecai's shots were not detailed in the later stages of the film, which made me regret that I didn't have the opportunity to learn Mordecai's methods. But I believe that the rich Jewish people represented by Mordecai were the winners, they paid the king to build ships without being slaughtered, and the stupid king was fooled again. Poor Persian, sly Jew...

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One Night with the King quotes

  • Queen Esther: Let my life be given me, at my petition and my people at my request

    King Xerxes: You demand me your life, and that of your people? My dear girl,I know not of your people, you have yet to tell me who they are.

    Queen Esther: Have we been nearly sold as slaves? I would have held my tounge, This... This Haman wanted our blood, my blood, the blood of Jacob, your Jacob. Your Jacob was given a new name, Israel. As do was I.

    King Xerxes: You... Esther, a Jew?

    Queen Esther: Not Esther, my lord, Hadassah Batabihan ,Daughter of the tribe of Benjamen, Child of the most high God.

    Haman, the Amelekite: Never have I heard I heard a more pathetic story in my entire life.

  • Queen Esther: Perhaps, instead of asking questions of our trials, our trials are ment to ask questions of ourselves.