Every little soul that gets lost has the potential to find its way home

Alvah 2022-10-11 06:31:10

Lost and found. A great name, a pun, behind the bullying and robbery on campus are the weak minds who have been accidentally lost, and they also need to be cared for, paid attention to, and loved.

The Lost and Found of Seventy-two Changes in the short film is such a guide. There is no accusation or abuse, but he quietly puts the things in the lost and found box.

Then take the little boy's favorite doll away, and let him experience the feeling of being taken away from his beloved.

Then he asked the little boy to return the same things. To the boy's surprise, not only did no one accuse him, but he smiled and hugged, and was able to embrace with everyone.

What is lost is objects, what is found is love~

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