Inside and outside the play

Enos 2022-10-19 17:24:02


1. There are too many words at the end of the side sound in Swedish, which makes it a little uncomfortable to listen to. The level of discomfort is approximately equal to French less than German.

2. NF's traditional program of revealing x is preserved as soon as they disagree.

3. The fashion capital should immediately move from Milan to Stockholm.

in the play

At the end of the play, all the characters set up at the beginning were completely subverted.

I thought the heroine's father was just a radical old man who was concerned about politics.

I thought my husband was a good and kind husband.

I think the director is a responsible leader.

Thought the male editor was a stereotyped old fashioned.

Think female editors are feminists.

I think that the heroine is a workaholic with dissatisfied desires, and her life and work are well organized.

I thought the male protagonist just likes to have a one-night stand with an older mature woman.

As a result, the heroine's father was mentally ill.

As a result, the husband was extremely vitriolic.

As a result, leaders hide when they see things.

As a result, the male editor started psychotherapy.

Turns out the female editor just had a feminist girlfriend.

In the end, the heroine almost gave up her job and handed in a document that no one could understand. The house was full of chicken feathers, and she was a stranger to her husband. He also inherited a little bit of crazy blood from his father.

As a result, the male protagonist disclosed his relationship with the female protagonist in front of his family ("The Little White Face of a Married Woman").

The complete reversal makes this play a bit illusory, but it is also quite like the life of a chicken feather described in the play.

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