tedious action comedy

Vinnie 2022-07-21 20:57:02

This Indian action film has been well received in Europe and the United States, and it has a high score of 7.5 on the IMDB website. It is an incredible phenomenon. The plot is basically the routine of classic Hong Kong films in the 1980s and 1990s, and there is nothing new in the action scenes of fighting in person. Instead, the director’s preferred slow motion has interrupted the normal narrative process of the film countless times. The inserted clips of Indian songs are full of nostalgic MVs. I still can’t get used to this technique, which is very popular in India. I feel that the whole film The film is bloated and uninteresting. The script is not in place for the character creation and play, especially the protagonist with super powers. Although it does not insist on the wonderful special effects of Hollywood, the focus of the script is always on the obsession and tribute to traditional kung fu films, even reaching the edge of a bad cult film, which makes the narrative plot and character development out of balance, invisible and in vain. Waste the character's special settings.

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