Science fiction is not necessarily reality

Scarlett 2022-10-05 12:17:50

Several times I have forgotten whether it is a movie or reality. Everything is so familiar. The location of the filming in the movie is near where I lived when I was visiting school in the first half of this year. The садовая subway station uses the cultural park station. The station building, and behind the place where they were finally saved is the New Virgin Cemetery. The artificial lake near the New Virgin Mary is my favorite place to walk.
Going back to the movie, itself, maybe the story is a little confusing, like how did they get back to the horst? The horst appeared in the Nova Virgen Cemetery. Although the Novo Virgen Cemetery is on the coast of Moscow, it is not near the Metro Ring Line. There are Stadium Station and Frunze Station from the Metro Ring Line. The distance between each station of the Moscow Metro is greater than that of Shanghai and Beijing. The distance between the stations of the subway is not close. For another example, what is the final fate of downtown Moscow?
The subway disaster in the play reminds me of the Moscow subway accident in July this year, for the same reasons, such as the aging subway infrastructure, and it can be seen that the dispatching room is still using Soviet-era equipment. Not to mention digitalization, even automation is not fully realized. It is also a problem that the management personnel are very loose, and there have been reports of misunderstandings at various levels.
The big man in charge of commanding the rescue in the play, I think, should be based on Shoigu. No matter the image, language habits, and way of doing things are very similar. Impressed that someone reported to him the consequences of overdevelopment in Moscow. If you have been to Moscow, you will feel that the degree and density of urban development in Moscow are not a concept at all if compared with Beijing and Shanghai. Looking at the densely packed high-rise buildings in Beijing and Shanghai, the current image of the city may one day be the source of disaster.
Disaster movies express imagination, but they may not become reality.

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