Mediocre disaster movie

Johnathan 2022-11-13 15:26:36

Let’s talk about the main line of the story first, which is rather vague. I will go back and sort it out myself. It should be: In the face of sudden disasters, how can people be saved?
Powerless government, powerless rescue team, compared to those who survive, the answer should be self-help.
As a result, the story goes all the way and still can't see what the answer is. Because in the end, people just wait. Maybe you can guarantee that you are alive and have the hope of being saved. Apparently I figured it out myself, and I don't see it in the context of the movie.
In the plot, there are several turning points, and there are places that perform well and places that are unsatisfactory.
1. When the train went out of line and headed in the direction of people, it dragged on for a long time. Several people kept chatting, and some didn't. Maybe it was because they wanted to show that human nature can still quickly adjust their mentality in the face of disasters, and they were not in a hurry. escaped? (Black question mark)
2. The unmarried woman keeps talking, but unfortunately, no one answers or interacts. You and I are very limited between several characters. I just saw the male lead and the second pair from beginning to end. The show (stands hands), so later the woman disappeared without looking, suddenly appeared without expression, in short, it was optional;
3. Near the end, the male protagonist finally broke out and had a fight with the male second, but the explosion point was too strange . When everyone was tired and desperate, two big men fought over women. Well, they are all children of Jianghu, how can they not put life and death aside (spread hands);
but there are also good points .
1. When a group of people was pumped down, they decided to move on, and the rescue team sent people down again. I regretted this miss. This did a good job of mobilizing the audience's emotions;
2. The uncle who gave the little girl a sandwich , When the train rushed over and everyone fled, he was too short-minded and refused to leave. This reaction was designed to be very real. It is really difficult for people to remain rational and have the courage to make judgments in the face of emergencies. This seemingly incomprehensible behavior by others is precisely the real reaction of different people.
The shots can keep up with the rhythm of the development of the story, but there are no bright spots to shout about. What is more outstanding is the long shot of the mother rushing to the scene of the accident, which not only shows the anxiety of the mother on the ground, but also alludes to the long journey of the people who are struggling to survive on the ground. As the saying goes, far water cannot save near fire. I have to complain about the role of mother, except for the amazing appearance of the first appearance, the later performance without explosive force is really unbearable.
In short, this well-established disaster film, compared to the lovely and fun Russian people, um, not enough.

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