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Meaghan 2022-09-14 01:01:56

I recently finished watching the episode of Young Pig Head Boy, and I am very moved. First of all, what I like most is the impeccable plot. The animation team's grasp of the details is also very pleasing, like my sister's amnesia, which is obviously the last few episodes. Ji Cai told it, but when I learned this, I didn’t feel abrupt, and it just explained the previous unreasonable (why did the parents move away?), making this comic more “real”, this kind of work that echoes before and after, after reading It's really comfortable and enjoyable. Also in the theatrical version, I watched the last scene three times, in order to understand when and why the protagonists went back to the past, and why they can go back to the past, although this drama is definitely an overhead setting, but its later plot The evolution did follow the previous setting: they are now living in Shoko's "future", so Sakuta can go back, and the time for him to go back is the moment he and Mai sleep in the hospital. That moment was really touching. He was able to go back at this moment because he let go of everything at the moment and was willing to forget everything. Just like when he went to rescue Mai and drank sleeping pills, he was unwilling to go back and save Mai. At this time, he put down everything just to save Shoko, and the last moment when his eyes fell, he saw Mai wearing a bunny girl, and this was also later when he went back to the past and told Mai about the wild bunny girl in the library that he dreamed of echo each other. Here I want to quote a very interesting sentence in the barrage. Isn't this more brain-burning than the creed? Haha, although it's a joke, I still think it's really very subtle, and it's not inferior to famous movies.

I think many people think that Mai is the representative of the perfect woman, perseverance, self-confidence, frank, kind, gentle and touching. But I think there should be a lot of people like me. In fact, I don't like the bunny girl's dress so much. Instead, I just fell in love with Mai's personality that can always be frank with her heart. This is the cutest. Whenever Mai can admit her love for Sakuta, it's not just complaining when she sees Sakuta paying for others, but she understands it and gives it actively, and silently pays for Sakuta, wanting to do it for it Provide a mind to rely on. This is love, not just liking. As for Sakuta, who is my boyfriend, it may be that I am a boy, so I have a lot less thoughts about myself. I think it is because I have a lot of demands on others and lack of self-examination. I recall that the places where Sakuta really gave me to Mai are very small places. For example, in the Futaba chapter, when a Futaba came to live in the house, Mai said no, and Sakuta said that Futaba was him. his friend, at this time, there may be many people accusing him of not enough emotional intelligence, etc., incompetent boyfriend, etc., but they can't see his responsibility as a friend, and Mai sees it, when she says that you will I don't want to see a male friend of mine come to live at her house, Sakuta replied, not even thinking about it. Seeing this, my impression is: it's really great, both of you can give to each other instead of demanding, and can understand each other instead of restraint. In fact, if it were me, I might also realize this later. At first, I just wanted to help my friends, but I would make my girlfriend dissatisfied. But at this time, I just need to think about it and know each other's feelings. Tokinai understood Sakuta's thoughts, but she couldn't and shouldn't ignore her own feelings, so she took the initiative to move over. I think it's such a simple thing that many couples can't do it in reality, or the man thinks that I'm doing a good thing, why are you against me? Either the woman thinks that you don't value my thoughts, you don't love me, etc., and breaking through this kind of thing is really not that easy, it's a huge victory for the two of them. But I think it’s so light in the anime, maybe it’s really so light in front of two suitable people, just need to communicate is enough, but the difficulty is that many people can’t trust each other, so they can’t drag it out My own thoughts, the communication at this time, is more like a temptation.

Another very important scene is at the end of the first season of the anime, Sakuta didn't tell Mai's sister, that day's despair was comforted by Miss Shoko, and Mai hurried the next day and was sad to see Shoko's message go back. At this time, this may be one of the few in the plot. Neither of them has any selfish fault, but the scene with intense contradictions makes people feel very immersed, because this may be the first time that the two have a conflict of ideas in the true sense. Two people who were also hurt, choose to blame each other? Or choose to support and comfort each other? I think it is very important to be able to make concessions at this moment. Although I think that Sakuta’s efforts are often due, but at this time I have to admire why he can be Mai’s boyfriend: admitting mistakes, but not accommodating, admitting his stubbornness is very important Difficult and difficult things, understanding the other party is even more extravagant, the sentence in the Mai Yi elevator: I am not with you for your sorry. Mai wanted to be by Sakuta's side when he needed help the most, and Sakuta didn't tell her because she was worried about Mai, which was contradictory, but was anyone wrong? Obviously they are all giving, but at this time, they have to make a judgment on what is "giving". I think Sakuta mistakenly believes that love should not share the pain, and Mai believes that love is to share the pain. Because when two people are together, if they can only share joyful things, but cannot take responsibility together, then they will ultimately be against each other. It is necessary to rely on each other in love, and they can accept the same preciousness.

I'm afraid this is what ideal love looks like.


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