Charles was black all his life.

Obie 2022-10-06 22:22:03

How can there be someone as hateful as charles in the world.

After being abused by the movie version into scum, I watched the TV version on the recommendation of a friend. To say that this is the original intent of the book, the movie is all tampering.

But after watching the TV series, I felt that the screenwriter in the new version is the one who understands the relationship between charles and seb in the hometown - charles has never loved seb, and he doesn't even love julia very much in the TV series. Although his changes are straightforward and crude, this is the truth.

He likes seb because seb is typical of the lifestyle he aspires to. Because seb is the most charming and the best. He gets along with seb, treats seb like a high-society idol, may be passionate or obsessed about it, but has nothing to do with love.
He is just enjoying and consuming seb.

He didn't understand, and didn't want to understand seb's heart deeply.
Stylish and glamorous seb, like the most popular fashion items attract people. After it has fallen and died, people will regret it, but very few people will ask why.

That's why charles wants to go back to the original state so much and waits for it.
That's why seb is so disappointed in him.
The one who chased after him, took care of him, maybe had a crush on him, but really didn't love him.

"What else can I do for you?"

What do you think? charles. You can't do what I want.
I think this is Seb's true heart and has been burying it.

In the TV series, the last person seb changed was neither a ghost nor a ghost. Abandoned everything, abandoned charles. Laughing is worse than crying.
In the movie version, ben whishaw looks like a guy who is exhausted and exhausted.

seb has no energy to do anything.

He told charles to bring me a bottle of wine.

If you misunderstand me, just misunderstand me. Anyway, you never wanted to understand the real me.

A lot of people say that Seb is selfish. What is the attitude of Charles, who has honor and moral medals all over his body, facing his former wife? Why does he think that what others do to him is taken for granted?

The enemy is not scary, the friend is not scary, the enemy is also the friend and the lover, the person who is half straight and not bent is too scary.

——————————————— Tucao line ——————————————
It’s a piece of scum from head to toe! ! ! ! ! ! The scum is so deep and so invisible! ! ! ! I have only seen natural cuteness, but I have never seen natural slag! ! ! ! !
Those people were brainwashed by his elegant and gentle surface! ! ! ! !
Immersed in the plot of the decline of the nobility and religious imprisonment! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
There is no p! ! ! ! ! complex p! ! ! ! !
Without these backgrounds, it would be the same today! ! ! ! ! !
I shouldn't have clicked on the hometown to see it! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
After watching the movie version, I wanted to see the same person! ! ! ! ! ! Want to see some love and kill each other! ! ! !
Nima, now I just want to beat Charles to death! ! ! ! Whoever plays you who is nasty! ! ! ! !

——————————————Comparison line ————————————
After reading the new version and then look at the old version, I have to say that the new version is very similar to the old version, the
new version Because of the length of the relationship, a very important reason for a seb fuck & religion is blurred,
but the overall temperament is still right.
Poor sebastian, life has tied him a dead end.
I didn't watch the TV version later, so I didn't watch it. Don't bother to watch damn charles' sentiment, get the hell out of me.

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