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The connection between the theme and the theme, the transfer, if possible, these things will be linked together, that is to say, things that exist together in society, but the social relationship is often ambiguous. My thinking is combined and then divided. When I speak, I can approach me. I'm silent, but I don't know where I'm thinking. I look at me. I subjectively think that others are looking at me. There is a big gap between this idea and the objective reality, because I'm clearly innocent, but sometimes I'm treated as a criminal

. Everything can affect my life. I often exchange ideas. Sometimes I break down. I can't see things from an objective point of view. Sometimes I can't free myself from subjective constraints. Sometimes I overestimate myself because I can't get rid of nihilism. I'm still listening. Looking at the world around you,

image and language sometimes can't come together. The ending of survival in today's society is like living in a cartoon, but the language itself

ca n't be as specific as the image. Induced doubts about language I have dipped my head in the quagmire of literal meaning. Reality is drowned in the flood of

imagination. Imagination, good or bad, may be in front of my messed up rationality. Conscience will reappear compared to people. Pay close attention to the reasons for things, this is how things exist.

I can't stand America, which dominates the world. I know the process of thinking

. ? All things that adorn life are lessons

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