you are always easy to fall in love with

Christina 2022-09-02 20:20:03

A beautiful person is like a beautiful dream. The so-called dream is always elusive. Between dream and reality, there are mountains, water, boundless wind and moon, Jianjia and Bailu.

The beauty of restraint comes from distance and from the unknown. The moment they met each other's heartbeat, they both became at a loss.

In the end, she chose to escape and fixed the story at the most regrettable but perfect time point. Because she knows very well that she won't say goodbye until it starts.

Beauty, born to enjoy thousands of pets, only to be loved by one person seems to be a big waste of their supreme beauty.

Her pure need for love is almost greedy, she yearns to fit Naimu's mind, and she doesn't want to let go of Otto's life.

As beautiful as she is, longing for an eternal love, and knowing that it is as illusory as the moon in the mirror.

As beautiful as him, the god of love, who is surrounded by thousands of honors and favors, can also make a hundred flowers bloom and a beautiful spring. love? At your fingertips. Beauty? Just fold it when it can be folded. Among the flowers, he wandered freely without touching his sleeves. Only this time, it was Juni who I met. So beautiful and so cold. When she was far away, it seemed as if the spring had taken away from him overnight, all the flowers were in a flash, everything withered, and the cold winter came. Only a lonely heart is left, wandering alone in the winter night. is not it? Only if you haven't received it, will it be so unforgettable?

Rather than being heartbroken later, let it never begin. She has never experienced love, but she knows how to love.

Otto love is shy and fearless, out of place and vigorous.

People say love is beautiful. Love is sweet, and this sweetness is accompanied by labor pains. Everyone loves but dare not talk about it, everyone loves but has scruples.

Love makes people vulnerable, especially unpredictable love.

I don't want to go in because I'm afraid that I will sink deeper after seeing him; I don't want to leave, just because I want to hear more of his voice.

The music of nature, the Andante of poetry, all these are like icing on the cake as the icing on the cake to become the enzymes of the surging, graceful and subtle love, they tainted the heavy fruit so sweet and sweet, making you so eager, eager for One drink of this nectar of love. But it will either become the most distant star in the sky, out of reach, or become the sharpest blade in the world, penetrating your heart.

It turned out that some things had already silently infiltrated into you, who was fully suppressed, and it was not confirmed to each other until this moment.

We love each other, but how long can we love each other? There is no lasting love, not even in books.

What if one day you fell in love with someone else? You think she's cuter than me, I can't stand it, I'll be jealous.

How transparent, sensitive and fragile you are, the more calm, decisive and hurtful you are.

The so-called love is just love for a period of time.

Why do you choose not to have it every time? Because I don't want to lose, I choose not to have.

I would rather long for a lifetime than touch it rashly.

Whether it is pain or depression from love, love makes a person beautiful. Have true love, so be beautiful people.

When a person truly falls in love with a person, he will unconsciously ask himself to be beautiful and appear in front of the other person with his best image.

The more you dislike a person, the more confident and easy you can attract him. Strong desire makes people lose a kind of casualness that is indispensable in the game of love. If you are attracted, you will have an inferiority complex, because we Always give the most perfect quality to our loved ones. When you truly fall in love with someone, how can you have the guts to be casual.

She was so timid and not brave enough to bear the despair and pain that loss would bring. It's like a big gap has been torn open in your heart, and the biting cold wind blows, but you find that the person who can fill it has long gone.

Pure beauty is free, like a deep pool of white lotus. She is so beautiful that she has no courage to love.

Love is the first encounter, give them a smile but turn away.

Everyone is the same, always easy to fall in love with. You are always easy to fall in love with, but how long will your love for me last.

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