She gives you neither hope nor despair.

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La Belle personne Beautiful people
"She's always reserved, but she won't let you down completely, this kind of girl always scares me."
Even if some edges can cause discomfort and confusion, it doesn't stop you After watching and empathizing with this film.
There doesn't seem to be a lot of retouching and rendering on the lens and shooting, and because of this, after 90 minutes, it feels more like a Tragedy who sees and hears 70
% of the time. It's been quiet, maybe 8/9th , no one would have expected this to happen, and even if it had happened, no one would have accepted the fact that Otto did.
Junie knew that Otto was the one who would love her for the rest of her life, maybe for comfort and compassion, maybe for sustain and commitment, and she gave almost everything she could.
Even so, I think Otto is very clear in his heart, I'm not the one. Maybe he also wanted to convince himself with everything that happened between them, maybe he had been suspicious before, but all this is not like a dreamlike bubble, And the needle that pierced it is the name that Tan Feng wrote in his letter, Nemours.
"Sometimes we need the night more, the night is more to my liking, the stars are like a cross. The whole sky is witnessing, we The passing of love, sometimes we really need the night, how come it doesn't come? When it comes, won't you tremble? How do you spend the next night."
Junie dismissed that The glance, and the so-called smile that I don't know, have shattered Otto's last hope and made a final determination. Before dying, his eyes could not be separated from Junie, and because of this, the last picture in his life has already been fixed. Between Junie and her classmates unintentionally laughing.
"I thought you were different, but in fact you are just like Mary and the others, like everyone else, and I don't think you are any nobler than them."
Otto's death, from occurrence to result, only lasted for one minute. Perhaps this just shows that the guilt in Junie's heart is just like the remaining bloodstains. I don't know if it means losing a person who loves her, and the person she loves is still alive for her.
In Italian class, Nemours asked her to translate articles, Jet'aime, and smiled.
Even though Nemours told the other teacher the truth in her heart, she hadn't felt this kind of love for many years, and Junie chose to leave, she was afraid that she would become Nemours' next female student, female teacher, expressing her sadness and not giving her permission. Ignore it, say a few words, and get rid of it.
"You're so handsome, everyone likes you, and you've loved a lot of people. What if one day you fall in love with someone else, you think she's cuter than me, and I can't stand it. I'll die of jealousy I was who I was when I saw that letter that day."
In the end, Nemours smoked his cigarette in a loss, blending in with the vast night, Junie looked forward with resentful eyes, and the tears disappeared with the wind. In the Atlantic Ocean.
The first time I lost without resistance? The last time I couldn't sleep? Who's to say, it's not the best of the two.
She's so beautiful that I don't have the courage to love how beautiful
she is Yeah, I can't forget her How can she be so beautiful
when the wind blows gently by her side,
she is intoxicated by it, but the

wind tells me softly, she is too beautiful,
but you, I know very well, I
love her all my life, you can't do it
Yes, she's gone
It's silly, but it's true

She was so beautiful
I can't forget
Autumn comes again and I cry often
Autumn again, how far spring is
The autumn wind rustled, the dead leaves rustled, the corners of
her skirt swayed, and then disappeared. . .

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