You can set up a world to experience the plot, but please don't think about it seriously!

Natalia 2022-11-15 01:14:03

I haven't seen any movies lately! Watching the hot drama Paper Money House, the score is also very high. This kind of subject matter cannot be photographed in China, because it is very novel for fear of being taken badly. The robbers are sympathized by the people as rebels and revolutionaries, while the government is a dark, tyrannical and inhumane corrupt and plundering tool. But think about it realistically, because Spain's economy has always been very bad, people's livelihood is difficult, and there are many complaints about the European Union, so the film of the theme of netflix can especially touch their audience and continue to be popular. It should have been continued. Season 4, I'm watching season 3. Anyway, I thought about the plot, I think in a place like China, these people can't steal the hair, so Spain is too dirty, haha. There are many theological and Buddhist bridges in it, which make people feel the helplessness of these so-called people at the bottom of the democratic society, thinking about relying on some glorious and hazy figures to save themselves or deserve a better life. Just like the demonstrations on the US imperial side, they were vigorous, but they did not touch on the fundamental contradictions between the system and stratum. Sometimes their own demands seemed scattered and shallow. In the end, it was a hustle and bustle, reflecting the so-called freedom and democracy but nothing. It can't be changed, and if it really touches the root, it won't be broadcast or parade. No matter how meaningless the subject's background and seemingly lofty pursuits are, there can still be characters with distinct personalities and a plot that appeals to you. I miss the good old Moscow Kazuo, Berlin, where he is both a hero and a ghost, Berlin, Berlin, such a stupid guy, always putting on a polite philosophy full of brains, full of charm, and no one appreciates it Ridiculous appearance, just as funny as Nairobi pretending to be a big sister Fan when she is not fierce. Tokyo can make you mad and kill everyone including Rio, but shouldn't the rebels and revolutionaries be so restless? Oslo died when he died, without feeling it. But what happened to his brother, the seemingly stupid and rough Helsinki, except that he couldn't figure out who he was, he was a perfect team partner. I haven't finished writing, but I'm tired of writing!

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