Haskell 2022-09-28 04:18:47

This anime originated from the galgame game fate, and one of the story lines was TV-based, and this masterpiece was born.

Anime is not animation, nor is it just a story for children. A good anime will make you feel a deep sense of substitution. The author himself is also full of emotional elements in it.

It takes a lot of space to summarize this masterpiece. Whether it is a huge story background, a compact plot, advanced picture effects, and a beautiful bgm, they are all of an insurmountable high level.

Part of the story is a classic (not the best) quote describing the harsh reality:

1. If you want to save someone, you can't save others. Listen, the only things that humans can save are their own. While rightfully so, that's the definition of a righteous partner.

2. Never doubted its meaning. Having carefully weighed its worth, it was chosen which side of the balance favored, and the
other side should be left empty. So kill, kill, kill, keep killing. Yes, that is correct. In order to save the majority, someone must sacrifice. If the happy side is protected more than the unfortunate side, then the world is closer to being saved. Even with countless corpses underfoot. If there are lives saved because of this, then the most important thing is these protected lives.

"I remember that face. It was the figure of a man with tears in his eyes, happy from the bottom of his heart, because he had found someone alive. He looked so happy, as if it wasn't me but himself who was saved. The same. So he did that, making me, who was dying, feel envious, and said 'thank you' as if to express my gratitude to something. He said, it's great to find you, even if only one person can be saved , also salvation for him."

This is a "great" man - Emiya Kiritsugu. In the last Holy Grail War, he witnessed the filth in the Holy Grail. Faced with a choice, he gave up a small number of people and his beloved wife as mentioned above, in exchange for the survival of most people. Should we say fraternity or ruthlessness?

In terms of reviews, I have nothing to say. Because this masterpiece doesn't need anyone to comment at all. If you put yourself in it, you'll feel like you've learned something. It doesn't matter if what you've learned helps in reality or not. But words are this kind of existence that pierces the soul and resonates! Can not give you material needs, but the spiritual level is extremely satisfied. If you don't hate anime, this masterpiece will not let you down. (PS: Please ignore the anime black.)

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