The first season of fate/UBW that made me uneasy.

Kacie 2022-10-28 10:12:34

2021-7-15 17:58

This anime is very interesting to watch. I am not referring to the plot, but the time node of watching this anime, because I have watched several episodes of the anime I am chasing at the same time and are on hold. I also saved it on the train back to Dalian. There were several episodes, but they all threw them aside, and downloaded it with traffic on the train, chasing this fate frantically. The initial setting is very attractive to me, it feels good, it looks very energetic, the style of the painting is good, the quality of the picture is good, it is very suitable for me, at first I thought it was a perfect anime, until the real male protagonist appeared. , and became more and more ambiguous with the heroine, which aroused some disgust in me. I have also analyzed the reason myself. The main reason is that Chapter 0 is narrated from the perspective of Rin, and after Chapter 1, I turned back to Emiya, but it is the 40-minute prologue of Chapter 0, which made me preconceived in my heart. The pair of Rin and Hong A was established, and then the change of forcibly starring Emiya made me very uncomfortable. Because the contract between the master and the servant reminded me of Xiaofu and Daguro in Noragami, I thought there would be many similar developments in the future, but it was not as I thought, Mingming and Honga, Emiya and my king. I like the two couples very much, but they let the female one and the female two circle around Emiya. I can't see how good Emiya is at all (a bit exaggerated~). Gong Tian really held the idea in his head, he was still a good man, but in such a position, he felt a little uncomfortable for Hong A. After watching the first season, this kind of thinking is better. The reason is that many people in the barrage say that Emiya is a red a, so I went to search and found out the relationship between the two. In that case, my feelings are difficult and good. It's a lot, but I can still accept such an arrangement, and I'm looking forward to the second season. So, although I now accept Emiya and Rin, I still wrote two comments while watching to express my dislike of this arrangement. Although it seems very low-level and funny now, I also wrote Here it is, it's interesting to have a look. Written around the sixth or seventh episode: I wrote a little bit of my feelings. The inspiration came from the plot arrangement when watching fate. This kind of arrogant harem is really uncomfortable to look at. Can't do a good plot to downplay the line of the arrogant harem, say It is also a trend formed by the current audience trend. Obviously, the male protagonist has nothing to stand out. Good old man, with naive words in his mouth, it is enough for my king to give you. Male protagonist, I am not jealous of male protagonists, but complaining about red A. He has a real temperament and a strong character. I think this kind of character is rare. In fact, the last one who gave me this feeling was Kenpachi. I think such a likable character is treated this way by the plot, and I am so cold-hearted when I teach the male protagonist a lesson. I really think it is better to give the male protagonist a sword and shoot it to death. It's a good anime everywhere, but I don't like it! Written in the half of the last sentence: Hey, I also know that it is not correct to find rationality in anime, but I will do it unconsciously. Why do female characters have to revolve around Emiya? It's totally unnecessary, and I don't think it's much better to force it, just don't like it. The excessive development of Emiya and Rin is really unnecessary. I think Emiya and Sakura are great, Emiya and my king are also very good, but I always feel that there is no need for the arrogant Rin to stick to Emiya, and I really feel sorry for the archer.

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