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Brandt 2022-07-24 22:59:58

There are many interesting details throughout the film. I don't really understand the relationship between the little girl, the mother and the father. The title shows that the little girl likes a beautiful room and likes to collect things. The cubes, lollipops, keys, umbrellas, dolls, lighthouse ornaments in the box are all foreshadowing. Claire suffers from her mother's excessive, twisted love for herself, and excessive control, and seems to be planning to kill her mother with her father. Mom seems to know that she took the little girl to the bank to open an account on May 26, in order to leave a "death compensation" for the little girl. (Above personal speculation, not sure

The four secret rooms at the beginning are a day for mother Sonya and girl Claire, tell me some details of what I saw

1) The subway has an advertisement for their destination Houglass Bay. The ad reads "lose yourself in the sand" suggesting the sand is sinking. The handbag is Claire's. Subway commercials allude to the back room, such as "Dont get caught in the rain. Call a cab".

2) There is an account opened by Sonya in the safe on the wall, as if he knew of his own death, in order to leave "blood money death compensation" for his daughter; the world revolves around money is ironic haha; the name of the bank is not new york bank, it is called illuminus bank, bright.

3) Blind love written on the beach, the mannequin's eyes are covered with shells, the little girl is kneeling, and the big watery eyes are looking at her mother; cameras, postcards say i hope it can last longer..., binoculars Seeing I can't sea you hints at mother's blind love.

4) The mural on the wall shows that a mother in a swimsuit stabbed her daughter in the eye with a key. This time her daughter was kneeling, but she was blind. Social issues mentioned in the news - environmental damage leading to water cuts.

Let's talk about people, it's not as clear as what was written in the first season, what I observed is this pastor, he is not faithful, he is still drinking, others seem not so clear, an Internet celebrity, a person who lacks a gene A sentient man, a wife-loving man with a hearing aid? In the whole film, only Zoey believes that he must break the game to get out, and everyone else is thinking about how to survive and how to pass the level. It seems that Ben is not the protagonist haha

The movie slams a lot of issues at the same time, acid rain, "The world revolves around money", Blood Money...

Overall it's still very interesting, is my mother called sonya because of sony sponsorship hahahaha.

There are some points that I would like to know more about:

-The man with the tattoo, the title shows that he is holding a USB flash drive. Later, it is mentioned that the USB flash drive was a change to the game proposed by the superior? Confused me.

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  • GamesMaster: [through a voice distorter] Tell us, Zoey. Did we do a good job convincing you?

    Ben Miller: Zoey, what's happening?

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