I hope that those who haven't watched it yet, watch the seventh episode first and see why it looks good.

Aimee 2022-11-11 16:00:28

First of all, I want to say that after watching the seventh episode, you will find that the previous plot is very smooth, there are foreshadowings, and the layers are progressive. The outbreak of the seventh episode is logical, the characters' personalities are portrayed, and the emotional changes are in place. The official handling of the plot is amazing, and it would be too arbitrary to say that the plot is thin after only watching the first few episodes. I also cried when Yuuri cried in episode 7. It really resonated emotionally. When I first watched it, I thought it was a rotten show, and it was a little embarrassing, but after seeing it, you'll know that it's not a rotten show at all! I'm ashamed of my wrong opinion in the first place. It's a really candid love affair! Okay, just kidding, it's hard for me to even define the relationship between Yuuri and Victor precisely, but it's so calm and totally acceptable. Not only did you see Yuuri growing, you could see Victor growing as well. You can't feel it just by watching the first few episodes. In addition, I would like to mention a painting issue. The current situation of the Japanese animation industry is very bad. The October episode is also a crematorium. Faced with a serious shortage of original painters, many have already given up the work of the January episode. I'm here to save the situation for the October episode... So I'm also sweating for the January episode next year. Yuri's figure skating on ice is all hand-painted, and the workload is amazing. After reading it, I really feel distressed for the hard work of the original artists. In such a bad industry situation, to be honest, I was mentally prepared for Zhuhuabeng no matter which animation it was in, let alone in this work with such an astonishing workload. Although the painting is broken, it can be better than I imagined. And the Blu-ray BD will be repaired in the later period. If you want to see the perfect painting, you can buy BD. If you don’t buy it, you will only be a keyboard warrior there... Hehe ←_← In the process of chasing animation, what I value most is the plot, and the painting is maintained. I can accept it at a certain level. Finally, in case someone compares Jingani's paintings, I will add that Jingani's painting team is stable all year round. Unlike many production companies that use a large number of foreign freelance original artists, the new talent training mechanism is also very mature. , so the painting is very stable. But that's not the general situation in the industry...so now you see it's a mess. This is a problem that the entire industry needs to solve together, instead of blaming a certain production company casually, or always shouting, is there insufficient funding?
Finally, if you want to have a preliminary understanding of the Japanese animation industry, please read "White Box". The absolute conscience is a show about the Japanese animation industry.

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