It turns out that the vulgar is only true

Yessenia 2022-09-07 02:26:00

Woke up early in the morning, downloaded the first episode of the second season of "Dirt" that I had been thinking about for several days, and even thought about going faster and faster when I ran out to eat at noon. It felt so far away, as if deep down I hadn't really been interested in anything for a long time.

Whenever I hear "Hi, I'm Don Konkey" that is so hoarse that only hard work can say it, I'm lifted up and taken over and over again into the spiritual world they've woven for themselves.

Lucy? That's right, Lucy Spiller, in a pool of blood, the
bug guy's drug-addicted girlfriend, Julia, crashes into a car, and the
driver looks familiar - Lucy's gay brother,
bug guy Holt, smoke girl Kira, trainee Willa ( It should have been corrected.), advertising director Burrows...
wow, the silent area buried deep in my memory that was almost disappearing was awakened,

a knife was stabbed in the body, and after waking up, Lucy with a gray complexion Some struggled to spit out the first word: Cover.
Maybe she doesn't seem to have any feelings for the people around her. She only cares about how to save the magazine that was messed up by her subordinates during her injury, but she doesn't care about the pot-bellied editor who has broken amniotic fluid beside her.
Maybe you will think that she is really lonely,
but I only love her high-spirited and nervous face that comes from this job. She equates her work with her life, which I can't help but be moved.
One minute ago, I was still worried, how long would it be before I could see her as the boss who covered the sky with her hands again, and the next minute she was already wearing bandages, and she was surrounded by a large group of people who persuaded her. office.

I like death because of her unpretentious energy, and she always exudes the commanding temperament of "do everything as I say", as if this woman was born with the word "control" written on her body.
"Didn't coffee make you more refreshed?" She tapped the plastic coffee cup in front of her with her hand.
"Where is my picture department? You have reasons to do better." In her eyes, there is nothing impossible, only more exciting.

She has so many reasons for me to fall in love with her.
She is old-fashioned, and when she saw the pet boy walking into the ward with a shepherd dog, she pointed out, "I won't give interviews."
She was professional, and after digging the wall, she sent the other party, "That article you wrote about Russian gangsters is very good."
She went crazy . , saw something strange on the star's face, his eyes glowed, and he stepped on the accelerator to the end and started chasing wildly.
She is calm. As the enemy of negative stars, she has to face their threats, shouting and cursing. Whenever this happens, her response is just a faint smile, as if to prove that the plan she is carrying out is flawless.
She was calm, and after chasing frantically, her face was expressionless: "My wound is open."

She has a life that is efficient and not lonely, even if she hardly loves anyone deeply, she only gives the most powerful force in herself This work that looks so beautiful on the surface and like walking on thin ice.
Do you feel like she's already tightly bound by this lofty editor-in-chief position?
How is it possible that she is the queen who rules other people's private gardens!
She's the real star, and compared to Miranda in "The Devil", Lucy lacks a superficial flamboyance. In the tabloid, she cannot inherit any long-standing nobility, all desires must be won through the ugliness of reality, but she will not look inferior at all, the magnetic field she radiates makes everyone, good and evil, feel the same. Slowly approaching her,
she let people see that the vulgarity is only real,
so I was moved by her heart again.

If Lucy's deterrent power is unattainable, then Don may be the kind of person I want to be. In times of
crisis, even if Lucy has only Don by her side, she will be the safest person in the world.
Sitting at the bedside, he is no longer a patient, maybe he never was,
everything is different, cats can talk, walls can breathe, he has turned the world upside down in his own way,
In front of him, the clearest figure was only Lucy.
As all slowly faded away the mark Don made for them, he turned around and saw what we said was true, and he wasn't used to it.
Like a poor child whose favorite toy was taken back by an adult,
where is the sense of direction, is he still there? And what is the real truth, we do not know.

Don sleeps with a hat and a watch, he's pure to the point of weirdness,
he's willing to work for Lucy, because he's pure, so tireless,
work, cats, and hugs from old friends, life is enough for Don.

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