Doping, the Olympics, the Red Army's ice hockey team

Charley 2022-09-27 15:45:09

In the early morning of January 13, 2017, Beijing time, the International Olympic Committee released information on its official website, confirming that the three athletes of the Chinese women's weightlifting team, Cao Lei, Chen Xiexia, and Liu Chunhong, who were found in the re-examination of the samples of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, were established in violation of doping regulations. , and impose penalties such as canceling the above-mentioned athletes' performance in the Beijing Olympics and withdrawing their gold medals.
The Chinese Olympic Committee issued a statement saying that the doping behavior of the three athletes seriously violated sportsmanship and the Olympic spirit, and the Chinese Olympic Committee condemned it. The Chinese Olympic Committee respects the decision made by the International Olympic Committee, and will conduct an in-depth investigation into the incident with relevant departments, and will severely punish any violations found in accordance with laws and regulations.
For a long time, the Chinese Olympic Committee has attached great importance to anti-doping work, and has always adhered to the anti-doping "three strict" policy of "strict prohibition, strict inspection, and serious handling", and has "zero tolerance" for doping. If they are found together, they will be investigated and punished together, and they will never be tolerated. At the same time, the anti-doping education qualification access system is widely carried out to enhance athletes' awareness and ability to consciously resist doping.

In fact, doping scandals in the sports world have never stopped. And stimulants are also divided into two types, those that can be found and those that cannot be found. For example, the newly researched stimulants have not had time to enter the banned drug list, which is ok. Therefore, some people develop stimulants, some people block them, and the game between the two sides intensifies.

Why is there such a big market for stimulants? Because leaders and coaches need to rely on the outstanding performance of athletes to win rewards, athletes also need to rely on coaches to ensure a better level of competition. When the gold medal becomes a bargaining chip, doping becomes a fatal temptation. The Olympic Games under the national system, the high returns after winning glory for the country, forced athletes to take desperate risks.

Recently I watched a documentary "Red Army Ice Hockey Team", which made a sharp dig at the national Olympic system of the former Soviet Union. The Red Army ice hockey team is the top card in the world ice hockey, and thus became a Cold War tool for the Soviet regime to deal with the United States. The Red Army ice hockey team is managed by the military, and the players have no personal freedom. They only have more than 20 Christmas holidays a year, and they are not allowed to take leave to go home even when their father is critically ill. Every day is closed training, like a machine that keeps training, and even the heart rate reaches 210 during exercise! There is only one goal: to get an Olympic gold medal.

The salaries of the Red Army ice hockey players are also very low, not comparable to the players of their opponents Canada and the United States. The state only treats them as pawns and does not respect the rights and interests of individuals at all. When the ice hockey team went abroad to play, the KGB also followed the team to prevent them from defecting. It can be said that the sports and politics of the Soviet Union were already mixed together.

The good times didn't last long, the Soviet Union suddenly disintegrated, and ice hockey players could join teams in the United States and Canada to make a lot of money. Unfortunately, most of them have lost their golden age and could not integrate into the new collective. The rest of the team hated the Soviets and couldn't match their peculiar skills, so they were quickly kicked out again.

Now most of the old players of the Red Army ice hockey team have returned to Russia. The best player has become the Minister of Sports, and he also played hot with Putin. The legend of the previous generation has become a thing of the past.

The sports minister talked about the various grievances he suffered back then as if he was a victim, but when he talked about today's Russia, he criticized that it is not as good as before. This kind of contradictory mentality and double standards are somewhat familiar and worth our consideration.

On the surface, "Red Army Hockey Team" talks about sports, the Olympics, and gold medals, but in fact it talks about politics, politics, and politics.

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