Documentary hotter than the movie

Ibrahim 2022-09-17 23:51:18

First of all, this documentary is definitely more bloody than most movies!
And then I'm going to spoiler, seep!
A good film is not afraid of spoilers. I mainly want to explain the plot clearly and give a measure to those compatriots whose time is particularly precious. Do you want to spend 90 minutes watching this film? PS: I always feel that a good film is not afraid of spoilers!
The film is about the Red Army ice hockey team established in the heyday of sports in the former Soviet Union, two-time Olympic champion, big times, heroism, ups and downs, and resisting the tyranny of the Soviet Union. A terrific story and a smart director make this a great documentary.
A great ice hockey coach set up such a team, he revolutionized the game of ice hockey, brought the art of the sport, a kind of Barcelona-style offense, you have me, I have you, the team came out and swept the ice hockey powerhouse , Just before the Olympics, the legendary coach was exiled for angering KGB, and the villain coach appeared. He obliterated all the warm and creative things, and only asked for the same, hard work, sweat, and no trace of humanity. In the Olympic Games, the invincible division was reversed by the American team. After the villain coach returned to China, he intensified his efforts. All the athletes, including our protagonist and star player Fetisov, became the ice hockey robot he wanted. Hey, isn't this the national sports system? Our country is still... Shut up and talk about positive energy! The villain coach saw everyone's distress and drew a big cake for everyone. If you play well, I will let you go abroad to play professional leagues and make a lot of money. The boys have been to North America to play in the competition. This time they all came to the spirit and won two Olympic Games in a row without any suspense. The five tigers of the Red Army were born, and the whole world was amazed. No, the two Olympic Games are over, no matter how stupid people find out that your coach is a liar, you are making cakes for us, the boss Fetisov jumped out first, quit the national team, I rubbed it, the coach was before People from KGB, you are playing with me, right? I will kill you! The protagonist's family has been in danger several times. If it weren't for his achievements, the coach would not dare to be too blatant. It is estimated that he would have died 800 times early. Of course, there is a little episode here. When the five tigers saw the boss rebel, the three of them also came to support the boss after thinking about it, but the best brother of the boss chose to be silent... At this time, a young player turned out to betray, a stone Arouse thousands of waves. At that time, the internal political situation in the Soviet Union was also very turbulent. Comrade Gorbachev was implementing reforms. In the face of this minor blow, the authorities even took a move that made people laugh and cry: run away with you , why don't I let it go. To transfer on behalf of the country, the money must be given to the country more than half (hey, our country is still not, isn’t Yao Ming Yi Jianlian going to the NBA this is the same way, shut up!) The Red Army’s five tigers and four buddies are gone, but our protagonist will not. , he wants to leave in his personal capacity and does not give the country a penny. It is useless to talk to the Minister of Defense in person. I have almost died several times. I am not afraid!
Relying on the good life and the situation, the protagonist Fetisov's NHL finally took off. He thought that the road would be smooth, and who knew that difficulties would still lie ahead. I'm 36 years old, I haven't played for several years, and my competitive state is worrying. The team doesn't regard itself as a hero. The fans don't have a good look at this Soviet man who repeatedly killed the US team in the Olympic Games. More importantly, the ball The team is not playing the style of Barcelona, ​​it is playing long passes and dangling. It is useless for you to make me Messi's skills. After two years of sinking, the 38-year-old Fetisov finally ushered in a transfer that changed the second half of his life. The five tigers of the Red Army actually reunited in the United States. The four of them used their most familiar pass to win the Stanley Cup that year.
The story should end perfectly, not yet! The protagonist grew up in New China and was born under the red flag. He took the Stanley Cup back to Russia, which has changed beyond recognition, and saw a hometown that he was completely unfamiliar with. At that time, a large number of Russian players poured into the North American ice hockey league, and there were up to 500 people. These young people did not have the concept of the motherland, which made our protagonist, who had retired, very sad. At this time, the big BOSS appeared, Mr. Putin. Phone: Boy, it's time to go home!
Our protagonist changed his body and returned to the motherland to become the Minister of Sports (this Nima is too self-willed, no one believed me when I wrote the script), devoted himself to the construction of Russia's sports infrastructure, and brought the Winter Olympics to Sochi. The five tigers also returned to China to serve the country, and the grievances and grievances of the brothers were put aside in front of the big right and wrong...
But here I can't help but ask, this is the main theme of Putin's money to find someone to shoot! ?

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