A story that went in the other direction, and it went well in the end

Ellen 2022-10-01 05:25:14

8.9 In this work, because he didn't save his assistant, he really "died", leaving behind the decadent Rentaro Okabe, living in pain, remorse, and escape. So the style of this work is also different from this one, most of which are gloomy. In the 8th episode, the assistant appeared for an episode, and finally he could make a foreshadowing of recycling, cow. (It's just that the role of the real assistant in this work has been seriously reduced.) A big turning point occurred in episode 18, and Okabe had to face it, re-travel, and the plot has a new development. But the plot of 18 and 19 is a bit fast and the rhythm is a bit chaotic. Although the professor has always had a hunch that he is a bad person, but it has not paved the way. Also in the war, Yuji, who always gave shots of injuries before, was not a killer, she didn't appear at all, is this a bug? This is going to climax. It feels like all the gloom of the past is paving the way for the present (of course the front is also interesting). I think the "resurrection" of this episode is more burning than the "resurrection" of this episode 23, because this episode has so much foreshadowing. In episode 23, Mayuri called her past self and told the murderer to cheer up, the slap went down, this op came out, the video of the future 0-line murderer was played, and she burst into tears, too nb, I Suddenly tears flowed. That slap and video were the efforts of the researchers in this work, and they were also the most important thrust to the gate of Steins;Gate. At the end, the lines from the first episode of this article are reproduced, which is amazing.

Due to the change in style of this work, I sometimes feel that I am watching the same series, so I cleverly use the plot of the previous work to flash, so that the plot is not separated, and it is a succession of the previous plot.

I feel more deeply about this work than this one, because sometimes I'll be like Rentaro Okabe in "0", when there is a huge difficulty, I'm afraid and run away, but will that free me, no, that brings When there is a bigger restraint, you will always be afraid, so you can only get rid of the fear by rushing up and "3000 times of crossing", right?

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