Steins;Gate 0

Hayden 2022-10-06 20:11:12

I stayed up late last night to read it and started writing today.

In fact, I watched Steins;Gate 0 when it first came out, but unfortunately I gave up after watching a few episodes, because it is a bit inferior compared to Steins;Gate. Of course, it's not too bad, otherwise I wouldn't have stayed up late to read it.

Speaking of which, Suzuha is a really good-looking and cool girl. This has to say about the end of the play. Saying that Okabe Rintaro drove a time machine to find Mauri and Suzuha? According to the explanation of the work, there is no parallel world, so Okabe Rintaro still chose the... er... beta line?

Bon Shiina, she died and was shot more than a dozen times. Then once someone approached, she would say her last wish with a faint breath. This repeated 3 or 4 times, creating a sad atmosphere that was made nondescript by the resurrection again and again. .

It's so sad. It's justified.

Overall not bad,

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