Trying hard to watch, but can't feel the sweetness

Summer 2022-09-06 23:22:23

I just watched the old drama where the monarch came to chase after Oppa, and found that Oppa had more acting skills in the sea. He was a few years younger at the time, and he felt more handsome! The plot is not too new, it's all about causal reincarnation for a hundred years of sadomasochism, good people are always good people, and bad people are always bad people. The most unbearable part of this couple is that they are not strong in CP. The love between siblings is too obvious. Coupled with the vicissitudes of the whole sister's vicissitudes of life and the low voice, the age has increased, and they can't be sweet, but they feel very strange. In addition to the ancient costumes and the feeling of being a fish, the modern time when they are together is really indescribable, a kind of inexplicable feeling. When I brushed the monarch, I also felt that the CP sense of Jin and Jin was not strong, but it was much better in comparison, and there was no obvious sense of distance. Do you feel the same way?

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