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Heloise 2022-11-22 04:45:32

It was for Jun Zhixian, but to be honest, I was a little disappointed. Maybe it's because the popularity is too high and the expectations are too high, but after watching the first episode, I don't think it's so good-looking.

The male protagonist observes and observes passersby, and fiddling with the lighter can create an illusion for passersby and temporarily control them. This setting is too ridiculous. With this skill, how can you be a swindler? You can directly use the lighter in the whole Republic of Korea. Yes, just to replace Park Geun-hye, who was in dire straits, as prime minister. Of course, the male protagonist is still very handsome and unrestrained when he plays with the lighter. I believe that every time his fans and sisters see this scene, they will definitely want to become that lighter.

In fact, this is not a big problem, mainly because the first episode is too familiar. There is no way, the daily life of a single dog is to follow dramas. If you watch a lot, you can see the routine at a glance.

As soon as the male protagonist sees the other party, he can instantly understand everything about the other party through observation. It is found in the domestic conscience drama "Red", and it is more natural than Lee Min Ho's setting in this drama. more acceptable.
The difference is probably that, seeing Xu Tian using this skill, the audience will say "Brother Wucaotian came out to pretend to be tall and handsome again, but it looks like a girl with a really high IQ and wants to marry me." I think that Xu Tian is like this; and when the male protagonist of "Blue Sea" uses this skill, he just wants to say, "Ah, it's not reasonable, it's a little embarrassing to pretend to be a little embarrassed." This skill is blessed by the Lord, not his own.

In this drama, there is another scene where the male protagonist leans down and puts on shoes for the heroine. It's too old-fashioned. Said, "Look at it and guess it is this kind of plot." If Korean screenwriters are at a bottleneck, it is better to learn Thai dramas and forcibly lift the heroine and throw it on the bed. What am I talking about covering her face~

Many scenes of the heroine mermaid are from the 1990s, remember It's not very clear, anyway, the shots in "Legend of the Mermaid" played by Christy Chung are very similar, and many shooting angles are the same, so Jun Jixian's mermaid beauty is beautiful, really beautiful, but the amazing feeling of meeting for the first time and The freshness is not strong, after all, there is Zhong Liti's mermaid pearl jade in front. If you change the shooting method, the effect may be better.

In the last scene of the first episode, the male protagonist came back with an umbrella to pick up the female protagonist. The shooting method of this scene is exactly the same as that of the popular Japanese drama "Five to Nine" a while ago. When Chao Wuli saw this scene, the girl's heart thumped It's flying, there are wood, "Blue Sea" is so directly used for reference, so that when I see this scene, my mind is full of monks and Ishihara, and I can't pay attention to the love of the hero and heroine of this show. Son. So although it is a Mary Su girl drama, the routine should not be so unchanged, otherwise it will not be easy to enter the drama.

The dress that the male protagonist bought with the female protagonist is really not as good-looking as the male protagonist's sweater that the female protagonist wore before, and the size also looks a little bigger and doesn't fit well. The key point is that the red skirt is also matched with a pair of green shoes. Red and green race shit, so the whole goddess can hold it. Although it is not brilliant, it is already very powerful to be able to do it.

I am really a fan of all goddesses, but I have to say that the simple mermaid girl played by the goddess is a bit too much, and there are obvious traces of her performance in several places, which is not as natural as in "Star You".

In the end, I grabbed the praise from the foreign children's lollipop, and suddenly shaped the heroine into a mermaid who is a little black-bellied and pretending to be stupid, which is very good.

In short, although the male and female protagonists do not have a strong sense of cp at present, they will watch two more episodes. Samsung waits and sees~

———————————The dividing line——————

The first The second set of impressions.
The whole goddess is more suitable for acting as a neurotic royal sister rather than a neurotic silly white sweet.
Some of the ancient mermaids finally spoke. Jun Jixian's voice matched her expression when she wasn't smiling. She just felt very mature, stable, and royal, with everything under control, which didn't quite fit the image and temperament of a mermaid.
The details of blowing coffee, playing with the computer and turning the lights on and off were originally the screenwriter's intentional expression of the pure ignorance and cuteness of the mermaid, just like someone was poking your creak and trying to make you laugh. It's a good thing, but in the end, Quan Zhixian played too much, too hard, and his eyes rolled innocently, but it didn't make me feel sorry for Ruanmeng and Chuchu, but I was tired and panicked for her, and felt very inconsistent.
In general, I think Jun Ji-hyun is not suitable for this role, and the plot is very third-rate, the girl is very blunt, and the scene where the male and female protagonists are very close, as an audience, I don't feel that spring heart is sprouting, but I feel more that they are inappropriate and quite good. Awkward.

Although this drama is very popular on Weibo, it is not a Korean drama that deserves such a high voice. If the screenwriter doesn't give a little more effort, it is estimated that more audiences will be lost. Never mind, I'm giving up after two episodes anyway.

High popularity ≠ good-looking, it may also be that the video platform that is going to buy the copyright of this drama is just warming up in advance.
A good actor is as good as a good script, just like "The Legend of Zhen Huan" and "Villain Angel" were to Sun Li, the goddess Quan is useless in this drama.

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