A beautiful body is enough

Randi 2022-07-12 18:58:08

Some people say that every movie that Monica Bellucci is in is abnormal.

But who cares? Her expression remained rigid. The prostitute in the dark light is still a little old and haggard, but the saint in the bright light still stuck my neck with enchantment. I can't see the wrinkles, I can't see the fat, and as long as Monica Bellucci's sharp eyes are fixed on me, I'm about to have a heart attack with the bald Francois.

The curly-haired perverted doctor died suddenly when he saw Monica Bellucci's pair of peerless breasts. This fool is really happy to die.

In the middle of the night, I was suddenly ashamed to face this electrified Italian goddess with my unkempt face and sleepy eyes, so I paused the film and went to the bathroom to carefully braid my hair into a bun and cross her legs like the prostitute Daniela. He sat down slowly, continued to play the video, lit a cigarette with a lonely expression on his face, and breathed and exhaled with Daniela.

Below are my favorite snippets.

In the sound of the opera, Francois and Daniela had sex, and Daniela cried out loudly. There was a knock on the door. Francois went to open the door.

Francois: Who? What's wrong?

Female neighbor: I am your neighbor.

Francois: I know, I know you.

Female neighbor: You don't know me, you don't know anything about me. At most it's just a meet and greet.

Francois: Excuse me.

Female Neighbor: You don't even know my name.

Francois: But it's too late.

Female neighbor: Yes, it's late, but I'm still working as a translator. Hard work but no money.

Francois: So what can I do?

Female Neighbor: Make your lover's voice quieter. It feels like slaughtering pigs. Is your place a prison? Never seen such a person.

Daniella bursts out in the prostitute's iconic fur coat.

Daniella (hysterically) Has the happiness of others got in your way?

Female Neighbor: Happiness? What kind of happiness? What is your so-called happiness?

Daniela: Like kissing, having sex.

Neighbor Neighbor (contemptuously): Such a shameless woman makes one vomit blood. what else? Enough, you are unbearable.

Daniela: Does someone else's happy cries get in your way? You are jealous.

Female neighbor: Thank you very much, I don't have one.

Daniela: Are you having sex?

Neighbor: (disturbed) I won't allow you to interfere with my sex life.

Daniela: But you interfered with me.

Female neighbor: I'm not interested in your sex life, it's your voice that came over.

Daniela: What do you do when you orgasm? Like... make a sound? Have you ever had this experience?

Neighbor Woman: ...my sex life is as good as yours.

Daniela: No sound?

Female neighbor: No.

Daniela: What kind of orgasm is that!

Female neighbor: I am from the South.

Daniela: So there is no orgasm?

Female Neighbor (with loose hair): Well, let me tell you that the ground quakes when I have sex.

Daniela: And what about the orgasm?

Neighbor Neighbor: Orgasm...hoarse voice. from the depths of the earth. It's like this... hoo... hoo oh oh... hoo... natural. It's not like you're singing an opera, ooooh...hungry...well...

girl neighbor (turning to Francois): Her eyes are so obscene. She has obscene eyes.

Francois: I don't know, I didn't notice.

Female neighbor: Then be careful next time. See if her eyes are obscene.

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