There are many problems with the Chinese translation. I understand the storyline

Dana 2022-10-25 19:30:32

A long time ago, when I watched this film, I paid more attention to the heroine. I watched it again today and found that there are too many problems with the subtitles of the movie. For example, when the female translator and the heroine quarreled, the two shared six "orgasme orgasms", and the translator did not understand whether it was a par pudeur or not. , the truth is revealed or fake, you can tell from her shouting and eyes, she also let the male lead see if the female lead's orgasm is true or not). The word prostitute often appears in the whole movie, and the translator has translated it. I don’t know why it has not been translated four or five times. Is it a machine translation? The translator also translated the doctor into a "Bible" and the excitement into "bloodletting". When the male protagonist and the fat boy negotiated, the two used the "olive tree" three times, which was not included in the subtitles. When the fat boy came downstairs, he said, thank you. The male protagonist replied "I invited you", which should be "You're welcome". A first-year French student who makes such a mistake will be explained in class by the teacher as a dead translation of the example sentence (maybe it is a machine translation). There are too many, and the translators are compiling them. If I read the subtitles, I can't even concentrate on the movie. It's a pity that so many people have read this translation over the years, and some people have written film reviews based on it. Fortunately, the story is more old-fashioned, and the subtitles are not good, so the audience can guess a general idea. The male protagonist pretended to win the grand prize and covered the female protagonist. The female protagonist could not bear the dull days and the male protagonist "remodeled (the subtitles were translated into close)" her and returned to her old business. The master is back. The female protagonist's favorite fat boy negotiated with the male protagonist. As long as the male protagonist handed over the winning money (four million euros), he could give the female protagonist to the male protagonist. The male protagonist said to the female protagonist: "I love you, but I want to keep the money." I think the heroine is still swaying between the two at this time, because the heroine said in the car with the fat boy, "I don't have the courage to live freely." After the heroine went back with the fat boy, the bed was munna (the passion she had with the male protagonist was gone). During the quarrel, the heroine said that during the eight days of getting along, the male protagonist gave her respect and warmth, "He let me have a new life. shame." The fat boy ridiculed that the heroine still has a sense of shame. He let two servants come into the room to test her sense of shame, and asked the servant if she wanted to take off her underwear (not raising her head on the subtitle), but one servant refused. got, asked, elle a fait une connerie (did she do something stupid)? The subtitles showed the bizarre "Did he sew up there?", I wonder how the audience would think, was the heroine subjected to the backward circumcision of Africa? Seeing that he couldn't keep the heroine's heart, the fat boy allowed her to leave before he repented. The latter part of the story is not very clear. One thing, the fat boy didn't kill the heroine, the shooting was just the idea in his mind after he lost the heroine, because the fat boy said, "If I thought at that time, I would have done it at that time", the French standard conditional past tense. Example sentences. In the end, the male and female protagonists should have lived the lives of ordinary people. The last line of the movie is "Since I met you, my heart disease has been cured" (not my heart on the subtitle belongs to you. Both Not much difference, but this sentence is a response to the heart attack when the male lead brought the female lead home in the first place). As for the plot of the heroine and the crying man, it's hard to say.

I checked the relevant comments in IMDb, and they don't have any deviations in translation comprehension. One wrote that he understood the theme of the film to be, can money buy happiness or sexual pleasure? If the answer is yes, how much will it cost? He also wrote that the style of the film is inconsistent, and he does not understand what the latter part is about. Maybe the heroine will play a different personality, a docile grocery shopping housewife, Restless Woman...that might explain her scene with the Crying Man. In addition, there are a few more examples of subtitles, all related to the understanding of the characters. Fatboy leads the mistress into the room, and he says "this is a room of a robber (not the banker on the subtitles)". "You can touch her, she's my woman (not the other way around)," he said to his followers. The heroine bumped into the male protagonist and the female translator had an affair, and after the female translator left, she said to the male protagonist, "Go take a shower immediately, I don't want to smell her perfume. I'm trying to love you, you have to help me" . The male protagonist was deeply moved and took advantage of the situation to say that I did not win the grand prize. The female protagonist asked back, did you not win the grand prize? Male lead: No, I won, I won you. Does the director want to use this to deepen the theme of the movie, even without money?, you can still be happy?

By the way, but also to add the doctor's plot. Giriel, a nurse at his clinic, had breast cancer and had one breast removed and implanted. Later, the doctor was with her, and the doctor said that sex is not a pleasure, but a pain. At the doctor's funeral, someone told the male protagonist that Giriel died five years ago. At this time, I understood why the doctor was very concerned about the heroine, and finally got overexcited after seeing the ketone body.

Monica is now a milf. Check out this movie again in a few years.

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