The so-called miracle is not replicable

Nina 2022-09-27 05:36:38

The background of the story is the 5th World Cup in Switzerland in 1954. At that time, the German people after the war were busy with the daily work of post-war reconstruction. The German national football team reached the final of the World Cup in Switzerland and will face the Hungarian national football team, the world's most recognized football team at that time, in the Swiss city of Bern. However, the German national football team had an incredible victory over the Hungarian team and won the World Cup for the first time. This rare victory was known as the "Bern Miracle".
Some details in the play are very interesting, such as the football shoes with studs that just appeared in that era; the old jersey worn by the German team, the collar is actually tied with a belt; The fence is actually made of wooden fences... The protagonist in the play is really less afraid of cold than the Japanese. He wears shorts with shorts from the beginning to the end, regardless of the wind or rain, exposing his two tiny legs like hemp rods. . The sports reporter's charming new wife is also very interesting. At the beginning, he described the football game as a "boring game of 24 people grabbing a ball". During the interview with her husband in Switzerland, she gradually became more fanatical than her husband. The fans of the final, waving their hats and leading the audience to cheer on the German team in the final auditorium, it was really lovely. I have always had a strong interest in sports-themed movies (the interest can only be compared to gay movies, I have always been interested in collecting sports movies and gay movies), such as "Decisive Sunday", "Road to Glory", " Fame with a Goal", "Speed ​​Race", "Longest Yard", "Kick the Ball Like Beckham", "Car God"... Intense game scenes, screams from the audience, violent collisions... everything All make people's blood vessels expand, and adrenal hormones rise sharply. Although the plots of this kind of film are mostly the same with minor differences, it is clear that the result will be that the weak team will win the final victory with the strong desire to win and the spirit of unity and cooperation, but in the process of watching, I still can't help but sigh with the fate of the protagonist, Sadness and joy. Keanu Reeves's "Baseball Hero" has always wanted to watch, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find any download resources online.

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