The Miracle of Bern movie plot

2022-07-11 20:18
In German South English Munich German München . Another character in the film: Paul Ackermann (Süddeutsche Zeitung) is preparing for a wedding with his fiancée when he is on a mission to Bern for an interview, so he diverts his honeymoon to the Swiss Confederation. At this moment in Essen, people gather in the Lubanski's bistro to watch the game on TV. Store owner Richard Rubansky spent 11 years in a Soviet prisoner-of-war camp, and a perennial fear of death changed his character. Others were watching, and Matthias, the youngest son of Richard Lubanski, was on pins and needles. Because his idol West German player Helmut Rahn told him before he set off for the Swiss Confederation, "I can only win important games if you are here." He knew that he had to go to the Swiss Confederation. trip. But his father didn't understand it, and after finding out what he was doing, he beat him. His mother stepped forward and counted the efforts made by the whole family to bring him back to a normal life after welcoming him back, and Rubansky finally came to his senses. 
On July 4, 1954, on the day of the final match between West Germany and Hungary, Lubanski drove a borrowed car to Bern with his son.
The sun was shining brightly on the day of the game, but it miraculously poured rain before the game. The Hungarian scored twice in eight minutes before West Germany equalised in the 16th minute. Until the 86th minute, Helmut Ang scored the decisive goal. A sensation, West Germany won the World Cup!
In the final scene, the train carrying the returning heroes heads towards the horizon at sunset.
Christian Eichler said in his "Encyclopedia of Football Myths": "The victory in Bern is the birth of German football virtue and the rebirth of national self-confidence."
With The Miracle of Bern, the economic miracle of the post-war Federal Republic of Germany has also begun to recover.
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