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Alessandro 2022-09-20 13:40:30

Very emotional movie. several takeaways

- It turns out that the financial market boom that started in the 1990s is the reason. . I always thought it was globalization, technological development and Clinton's political achievements. Therefore, the final development of many things can completely deviate from the original intention. But neither is it good or bad.

- For the first time as a financial student, I truly understand why shareholder gain should not be the ultimate and sole purpose. But eventually all things need balance, which is really embarrassing.

- Class warfare has always been a matter of concern. What will happen to China now? On the one hand, as an exploited middle class, he was banned from trading in TMT stocks, and he watched helplessly miss out on life opportunities hahaha. . On the other hand, Li Qi already said when he graduated 10 years ago - the 30 years given by the times have passed. For the education of children, I have always adhered to the concept of not being too pushy and letting her find fun by herself. But when you dont have the social status or power to protect yourself, who's there to protect them? Should you have money or status before you have the time and qualifications to pursue those, or should you have a more peaceful mind in order to be able to protect them no matter what the circumstances are? Peace of mind?

- I have always considered myself to be a person with little passion, and I have always been considered to be very loose. . This has actually troubled me in recent years, and I am envious of people with passion and light in their eyes. But seeing Reich, people who have passion are also very pitiful. The days when the club in college wanted to become a change agent was probably my most youthful years, and in my junior year, I automatically changed back to a refined egoist (I really don’t want to call myself that). But if you want to change others, the powerlessness of the mayfly shaking the tree is really uncomfortable. Someone said that the reason why I am so disinterested, including things that are not principled in group discussions, is too lazy to quarrel - I really don't care - maybe because of this feeling of powerlessness I felt in childhood, so the self-protection mechanism There will be no special thoughts on many things. I don't know, I always thought it was because of Chinese cramming education. However, I have spent my whole life running for a goal, giving speeches, and seeing a sad situation, I really don't want this. But that's why Reich wanted to teach, and was really moved, and sad that he couldn't do anything.

- Reich is supposed to be an unhappy person. In addition to the point mentioned above, the movie finally talked about why he had such a passion. He was bullied everywhere because of physical defects since he was a child, and his protector was eventually murdered by the Ku Klux Klan for the black community movement. That's why he spent his entire life fighting to protect the weak. The so-called connect the dots, the mission of life may have been set for you in childhood before you know it.

- Reich didn't know what to do after seeing the various policies of Chuan Jianguo and the situation this year. .

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