A moment of trance - it's not that you look at Renji with rotten eyes, but there is a deep meaning in it

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Celluloid Closet After
watching The first time I watched "Crazy Flowers", I always felt that the ending was slightly similar to "The Tiger and Leopard". The former two clasped their hands and flew into the grand canyon, the picture freezes, and the singing sounded; the latter two staggered out of the dilapidated dwelling, and faced the encirclement and suppression fire with their guns and counterattacks.
Many people believe that "The End of the World" implicitly describes the homosexuality between the two female protagonists, but I think it is more to break the "Godfather" point out that "women and children can be careless, but men can't." ”, which truly reflects the harsher situation that women may face, and the possibility of roaming the world like men. In contrast, before the ending of "Tiger and Leopard", such as the leisurely ride on a ride in the process of escape, it adds a little more ambiguity.
Interestingly, Susan Sarandon, one of the heroines of "The Endless Flower", also expressed a similar point of view in the documentary "The Celluloid Closet". That is, the female friendship in "The End of the Road" is a kind of love that transcends love; and if Paul Newman and Robert Redford in "The Tiger and the Leopard" can kiss once before rushing out of the bunker, then this Movies are more fun.
But in the movie, these never clear, momentary trance plots, are they rotten eyes to see Renji? The 1995 documentary "The Celluloid Closet" began with Edison's experimental films and described the changes in the expression of sexual orientation and same-sex camaraderie in the films over the past 100 years.
The documentary has a Cantonese translation name which is very interesting, it is called "one side, one side is not?" (Which one is, which one is not?). In the early days, due to people's concepts and the American film censorship system, from referring to sissies, to using filthy dialogues to cipher (some of them didn't feel strange at the time, it was shameful to be explained by the screenwriter himself), and then to Slowly positive real gay characters appear, with baffling plots covered and censored (like watching "Cat on a Hot Roof Tin" in junior high, it's really a no-brainer between Paul Newman and Jade The relationship between husband and wife was confused, and I already knew the concept of "corruption" very well at that time), and there was also a "Ben-Hur" style of 1959. I lied, the screenwriter really made people laugh when they said this part), to today’s films that specifically describe gay life, as well as Ou Rong and Almodovar’s slanted blending and anti-routines involving sexual transformation, celluloid film came out of the closet, it turned out to be so long.
And there are so many old movies that I have seen before (Dirk Bogard, Billy Wilder are all straightforward), and there are so many types of double-male themed material blowouts (before expressing friendship, you can kiss directly , and later, the kiss between men in the movie was actually described as a kind of humiliation?!), there is always a momentary trance, which makes people feel that things are not that simple. Age, is it that the people who understand it are tacit? The source of the emergence of today's doujin army may be the remnants of these oppressive times.

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