Det dere velger i dag vil bli historie om hundre år.

Kayli 2022-09-17 18:04:00

This is a historical drama about World War II. There are two main lines in the play, one is that German scientists develop atomic bombs, and heavy water is needed in the development, and the other is that Norwegian scientist Leif tries to prevent Germany from obtaining heavy water. Although the two protagonists have not met, their fates are intertwined. In the first episode, Leif says: Det er ingen undervisning i dag. Kjære studenter, vitenskapsmenn, kjære mennesker. Det dere velger i dag vil bli historie om hundre år. He suspends classes to teach the students: these students are scientists and Norwegians people. Science is a lofty ideal, but when the country is in distress, it is a higher ambition to make due contributions to the country. Everything people do today will be history a hundred years from now. He also practiced his views with practical actions. After learning that Germany needed heavy water, he went to Vemork to stop it, and then planned an operation in Britain. After the mission, he returned to Norway to continue anti-Nazi operations. In the movie, he promised to repair the model train for his son. In the whole play, he always took the small train with him to express his thoughts of home. The details added in the film and television works make this character more real and vivid, and further tell us that people in history are once vivid lives, and the war brings only countless separations and endless pain.

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