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First of all, I don't believe that I finished it, although the process was a little painful ? and I took a lot of notes (otherwise I couldn't keep up). Qi talked about a lot of things in the two hours of chatter. Although I seem to be out of touch, it seems that there is still a deep connection. ok, simply write down what notes you have (also jumping and remembering is definitely not complete).

enjoyment and pleasure. Enjoyment is precisely enjoyment in disturbed pleasure. We should face up to our desires and follow him. God will not let you forbid this forbid that, precisely because God is there, because God is watching all this, we can do what we want.

People go to psychiatrists not because they are tortured by a sense of morality and responsibility in the process of pleasure, but because they feel they are not enjoying enough. It is not scary to have desires, the most scary thing is to be filled with desires and then to lose them. It is always a desire for desire itself.

Classical and Cynic ideology. If the classical ideology functioned in the way of desighated by Marx in his niceformal from Captial Volume One: Sie wissen es wicht, aber sie tun es.(They dont know what they are doing but they are none the less doing it.) Cynical ideology functioned in the mode of ' I know very well what i am doing but i am still none the less doing it.'

The ultimate ideology of consumerism (ex. Starbucks): charitable acts offset the guilt of consumers in the consumption process (famine problem, s part of the money for each commodity consumed is used for charity) ➡️ The elements of fighting consumerism are included in the commodity Among them ➡️ consumers ➕ responsible. We crave so much more than we think, and it's impossible to go back to the age of pure consumerism

The cycle of capitalism➕ecological demand capitalism inflation and nature awareness awake capitalism is driven by absolute demand sacrifice everything to get what they want capitalism has a religious structure although it is always in crisis but it is the crisis that drives it

Redemptive values ​​➡️What does art need?

Judaism, Christianity and god

1⃣️ Judaism: God ➡️ dominates the abyss of other people's desires, and although the disaster is in charge, we do not know what does he want, but we do not know what does he want to maintain a certain sense of mystery and make people feel anxious and fearful

2⃣️Christianity: Pressure expresses sacrificing his son through love to express god loves us ➡️ Sensuality is too anxiety. in fact the message delivered by Christianity is the disintegration of the atheistic god's commitment to the meaning of life through the death of Jesus. Cheist already exists when believers come from a liberating group. The only way really to be an atheist is to go through Christianity. Christianity is much more atheist than the usual atheist whcih can claim there is no god and so on.

3⃣️Is Christianity an ideological inversion of Judaism?

It is undeniable that the power of capitalism drives the revolution, even if it only serves itself.

For faithless countries, bureaucracy is the only thing remaining associated with the divine dimension

"The Big Other" and Stalin are a lot. I don't want to write them. There are a lot of them that I haven't written. I'll have a rest tonight.

dreams The pain is not to change the dream but to change the way of dreaming because all our satisfaction comes from the dream

I can't remember why there are so many gods. I'll make sure to complete it next time! !

Hitler WWII Jews It really made me discover how smart the Jews are and led to strange thoughts what if not with this war and who is now ruling the world are we enjoying a better world or more brutal oppression? The distrust of human nature makes me believe that the second result Hitler seems to have become a synonym It's the idea of ​​Hitler that makes me feel terrible, and it makes me sad that there are only a few smart people (although Hitler's extreme disrespect for life certainly made him destined to be cast aside), and then it's about looking at things objectively when to start critical thinking

It's funny, I watched this movie because of its name. I thought it was a documentary about mentally ill people. I didn't expect to hear more than two hours of philosophical theories. Haha, I really need to see more about what underneath is. I'm a little confused, so let's go here first.

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  • Slavoj Zizek: The truly disturbing thing about The Dark Knight - is that it elevates lie into a general social principal, - into the principal of organisation - of our social political life. As if our societies can remain stable, - can function, only if based on a lie. As if telling the truth, and this telling the truth - embodies in Joker means distraction. Disintegration of the social order.

  • Slavoj Zizek: This is an old conservative wisdom - asserted long ago by philosophers from Plato - especially, and then Immanuel Kant, Edmond Burke and so on and so on. This idea that the truth is too strong. That a politician should be a cynicist who, - although he knows what is true, tells to ordinary people what Plato called 'a noble fable' - a lie.