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Notes from "The Pervert Movie Guide" (thanks to Li Si for the subtitle file)
The following quotation marks are divided into Zizek's monologue in the film. a, Freud 's
Psychoanalysis " We can often
examples of
psychoanalysis . Joe is the most popular and his neural hyperactive representation: "Superego" Chico this rational, cocky, calculating guy is: "Ego" The weirdest of them Harpo A dead guy who can't speak Flo Id said impulse is inanimate he can't speak he of course is: "id" 'who are you guys? what are you doing in my room ? this is my buddy he can't talk is deaf' id at all What 's weird about the chaotic harpo is his childlike innocence longing to be happy playing like a child and so on but at the same time having some kind of... primitive evil always aggressive so absolutely depraved and innocence form a unique Union... that is where the id is" b, we ourselves are the aliens who control our bodies

"There is an unbalanced gap between our psychic energies ...
what Freud called: 'Libido',
this endless energy that
transcends life and death
as well as the poor limited reality of our physical body.
is not only Symptoms of being haunted is
one of the things we should know and the movie is trying to avoid
is that we ourselves are aliens who control our bodies
Our mental power is an external energy...
it's twisting our bodies
and nobody Really pay attention to the
traumatic side of the human voice...
the human voice is not an
unusually thin medium...
to express
the depth of human subjectivity...
but an external intruder"

We ourselves are aliens that control our bodies, this is Qi Zeke's analysis of "Alien" makes a point that the film has been implicitly making.

c, libido needs fantasies to maintain
"usually people study
Freudian psychology
as if the secret of everything is sex
but that's not what
Freud like to tell you
I think Freud
wanted to say the exact opposite
is not Compare everything
to sex
No matter what we do
we think about Freud the problem is what are we thinking
when we do that?
It’s definitely
not just me and my partner or more when it comes to sex
no matter what you’re doing
always... there's always
some fantasy element
there's some 3rd vision element
maybe more likely for me to be
able to get me to do the sex thing if i'm a little bit irrelevant
to the unfortunate experience maybe everybody knows when a guy starts having sex How did it happen that all of a sudden this guy felt stupid and he lost touch and it was like: oh my god what am I doing here this stupid stuff? etc. Nothing in reality has changed in those weird moments when I'm apart I'm Feeling lost and even fantasy has an irresistible power : "What we're talking about": "Libido": " It's our pleasure" Why do our sexual desires need a fantasy world This is the basic question Why do we need a fantasy world ? Why do our libidos need fantasies to sustain"

Libido is sexual power. Sex here does not refer to sex in the reproductive sense, it is called: "libido", which refers to the pleasure of all bodily organs, including the sexual life of perverts and children. Psychoanalysis believes that libido is an instinct, a force, and a driving force for the occurrence of human psychological phenomena. Libido is also known as "desire force", "sexual force", "mind force", psychoanalytic term. First proposed by Freud in 1905 in Three Treatises on Sexuality, it refers to an underlying energy associated with the sexual instinct. He contrasts sexual desire with the instinct for self-preservation, and uses the term libido to refer to sexual desire or sexual urge, and later expands to an instinctive desire for survival, seeking pleasure, and escaping pain, which is the opposite of the death instinct. Instinct motivational force. Freud regarded it as the source of power for all human psychological activities and behaviors, as well as sexual desire and sexual instinct.
Libido needs fantasy to maintain, which makes fantasy a thing that everyone must face, but the question is, for everyone, how to deal with the relationship between fantasy and reality.

d, fantasy becomes reality is the most tragic thing
" The logic here is very
that we go into the dream
to avoid
a deadlock in our real life
but what we encounter in the dream is
even more Horror
so in the end we
came out of the dream and came
back to reality
it started with: dreams are for those who
can't stand reality and
they don't have the
courage to face it and it
ends with: reality is for those who
don't have the courage to endure it
to face the man of their dreams,"
Zizek said of David Lynch's "Blue Velvet."
"What has been discovered may be
the entire history of cinema
The most depressing sex act
is like punishing her by telling him the fantasy
in the letter she wrote to him Literally he had sex with her the way she fancied that of course it meant the fantasy was gone for her when the fantasy was gone You don't get the authenticity You get some unrelenting truth It's too hurtful to experience it as ordinary truth . It's another definition of a nightmare" is Zizek's commentary on "Piano Teacher." Dreams For most people, it is the driving force of personal existence, but dreams are always like carrots in front of a donkey, which can never be obtained. Maybe another way of saying that, once a dream comes true, then a nightmare happens. People are always two Meta-divide reality and dreams , reality is never good enough, imagination is the best, and this may be the driving force for the world to move forward . These excessive perverted fantasies and so on just keep healthy clean pure normal straight What if we were left with only dirty water? May be asked: what to do with dirty water? Put some order in the dirty water of fantasies Guess that's exactly what happened in Kierovsky's "Blue" Julie finds out in "Blue" that her husband is not who she knew he was cheating on her he has a pregnant mistress

This is the scariest thing about
all the coherence of your reality being lost . The
problem is how do you reframe your own reality and fantasy

. In a fantastic episode,
the heroine of "Blue" finds a group of newborns on the floor
after returning home . The scene of the rat crawling around her mother startled her She was hurt by the cruelty of life In the end all she could do was... get the right distance from reality If I didn't have love to bring us closer to reality I would be nothing but music Here , as Marx said, as religion is an opium for man. Opium puts you to sleep , takes us into a fantasy beauty, and keeps us from the abyss of unbearable anxiety. We see Julie crying through a glass This piece of glass symbolizes that I feel the fantasy reborn I want to say happy tears I can be sad now because it doesn't affect me immediately "Blue" shows this mysterious communication (with the illusion) The reconstructed fantasy is maintained Our relationship with the world but the price we pay is to accept very real anxiety at times"

When we fall in love, study, work, etc., everything starts with fantasy, and then it is always difficult to face reality, but then we find that the reality of reality is too boring, without those fantasy Those who love us are nothing, and gradually we learn to reframe our fantasies.

f. Which is true, fictional fantasy or disguised reality?
"The main delusion we have today is
not taking
fiction too seriously
in fiction but not taking fiction too seriously
. Do you think it's just a game? It's reality, more realistic
than it seems to you like people who play video games ... They accepted the sadistic rapist as a screen character thinking: In reality I'm a vulnerable person ...so in order to... complement my real life shortcomings I use strong characters etc. So it's naive to read me Want to look stronger and more positive because in real life I'm a vulnerable person but what if we read it the other way around? This imaginary strong and cruel rapist , whatever his personality, is his real self which is to say It's my own spiritual truth... and in real life I can't play it because of social constraints and so on so I think it's just a game... it's just a character a self-image that I use in a virtual space...

…I can be more real I can play a personality that
is closer to my real self We need a fictional reason to play a real us” This is a monologue of Zizek at 02:14 in the film. In fact, which is more real, fantasy or reality, there is no need at all. The question to answer, because when you think the illusion is more real, it always returns to reality, and conversely when you think the reality is more real, the fantasy always happens. g, "The Tramp in Chaplin's City Lights" Mistaken by the pretty blind girl on the street corner... who sells flowers ...a millionaire who accepts the game to save her ...even steals money to have her eyesight ...and then tries to find it after he's done serving his sentence She I think it 's a metaphor for our predicament. Often when we fall in love with someone ... we don't accept him/ her for who he is but put him/her in our fantasies and we mistake him/her... ...so when we find out that something goes wrong ...love quickly turns violent being loved ...being loved by the other person as someone he/ she is not ...just to be in line with the ideal.... nothing is more dangerous and deadly than this ok love is always suppressing love in a situation like this ... at the end the girl recognizes who he is

It's always dangerous at the moment a tragic
falls out of an idealized frame
...and finally bluntly
exposes his psychology
I'm here for real I
don't think we have to see it
as a happy ending
we don't know it will be What happened
The words "End of the play" appeared on the black screen...
but the singer continued as
if the emotion was stronger now
...it came out of the picture"

Žižek finally ends with a love story that everyone loves. We always don't know it Put something into a fantasy, many of our actions are just to meet our ideals and our illusions.
"City Lights" did not give the choice of the heroine at the end, in fact, there is no need to give the results of the finale. When When she chooses to be loyal to her illusion, she will reject him, when she chooses to accept the reality, the illusion in her mind will not disappear immediately, maybe she will choose to reconstruct her illusion.

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    Slavoj Zizek: In order to understand today's world, we need cinema, literally. It's only in cinema that we get that crucial dimension which we are not ready to confront in our reality. If you are looking for what is in reality more real that reality itself, look into the cinematic fiction.

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