Love's cloudy and incomplete

Audreanne 2022-11-08 15:24:03

After watching 1997's Red and Black, Faranelli is the second film in as many years that I've fallen deeply into a state of obsession. In fact, I can't name any of the actors here, and they spoke a word of Italian that I didn't understand, and the plot of the story was even a little illogical. , at least, it is very different from the well-documented history. However, I still can't stop being moved by such a singing voice and still can't stop feeling sad for this beautiful singer's lament. He is so beautiful, because of such a singing voice, he must live, but it is more painful than living than dying.
We can't go back to Italy in the 18th century, and no one can replicate Faranellina's natural voice again. In 1994, the filmmaker used the technology available at the time to computer-synthesize his voice. It is said to be very close, but the closer it is, the more obsessed and curious about the real Faranelli - I want to know, At that time, the voice that made many people faint with tears in their eyes and resumed life, what kind of person was its creator, and what kind of magic did such a voice have? It must have something to do with the voice created by machinery. The difference in essence - it comes from the flesh and goes to the flesh. Behind this voice, how many bloody mornings and nights does this beautiful nightingale have to go through before it can dispel fear and sorrow for others? I couldn't understand what he was singing, but I couldn't stop being moved. If it is only technical synthesis, it is still the case, then such a sound should really only exist in the sky.
Faranelli was not a boy who was persecuted by the church in the dark Middle Ages. In historical records, it was just an understatement: his testicles were crushed by a horse when he was 8 years old, so he retained a clear childhood voice. And I don't believe that with such a casual sentence, the pain can be compensated by the brilliance of his future life. The nightingale cries its blood, it is the king who enjoys it, but it is it who suffers. The same goes for Faranelli. Even if some people cry when they listen to his songs, no one has ever asked him if it hurts. His only consolation is that someone finally loves him as a person besides his voice. In my opinion, this is the only warm existence in Faranelli's life.
In the movie, Faranelli is really just a self-deceiving recluse. From the very beginning, he could feel that the so-called "accident" was not an "accident", but he loved his only brother so deeply, so much that he had lost himself, that he could no longer feel himself, that he could only love Attachment can only be exploited. In order not to lose the "love" he regarded as life. He had to hypnotize himself again and again—first by drinking the opium to escape, and then asking his brother to tell him about the "accident" of the day again and again. It seems that only in this way can he not be "betrayed" and his life will not be "lonely". Deep down, he clearly revered Master Handel, but when the master he longed for wanted to take him away, he spat in his face. Because, the Brosky brothers can not be separated by anyone. It is a pity that the vows that are crowned "forever" mostly come from those guilty hearts. They will eventually separate, and when they separate, they will be scarred by each other.
When I was young, I also really loved someone so much that "love" became a kind of hypnosis. For this so-called "love" or the purest and most eternal family in the world, I have to constantly deceive myself, and then I continue to comfort myself in my heart. Fortunately, she is still there. we will be together forever.
But, silly boy, how can there be any eternity? I must not be such a versatile singer like that, but at this moment, I can read Faranelli's weak and tired soul. Born as a human, there must be emotions and desires. Humans cannot be gods. We all have our times of selfishness and ugliness. It's just that sometimes, we are too obsessed with one thought, and in the name of love, all the hurts in the world are covered with a veil of tenderness. They are so charming and drink human blood with a smile.
Faranelli is just a child who lacks love and fears losing love. After his father left this world, his brother was left in his world. He has low self-esteem and his own imperfection. Although he proudly raised his head and said to his female fans, I can satisfy all women, but his heart is pale and frightened. Castrato is the shadow that will follow him all his life. He can only be a broken Castrato, and singing can make up for everything he is broken. He is so sad and painful. That year, he was lying in milk while intoxicated with opium, and he did not yet know what lifelong pain and temporary pain were. The blood that slowly rose was dizzy in the white milk, that child, who thought that a moment of pain could stay in the safety circle of lifelong love. It's a pity that he will eventually understand that this is the starting point of his life's pain.
I still can't understand a question, one's artistic achievements in one life, leaving his name in history, or, one's life as an ordinary person, let the miracles slowly disappear from the body, it will be lost to everyone, for a person, Which one is happier? History has no solution, history chose Faranelli. I don't know if he ever questioned Yue himself, asking about the fate that he could no longer choose. In the long river of history, brilliant artistic achievements are more lasting, and for today's individuals, a lifetime of happiness and peace is more important. Many times, it is precisely at a delicate point that a person sacrifices his own happiness as a person to achieve the lasting artistic enjoyment of more people. History needs such people, luck or misfortune, after all, is not something we can judge.
He is like a flirtatious singer, but he is also a great artist. In the historical records, this artist who said no to gorgeous and fancy singing ended up becoming the royal singer of the court. It is a bit sad, but I think he has nothing to do. Like his castrated fate, he has too much helplessness.
Today, we can only imagine the irresistible splendor of nature in the infinite approach of technology.

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