The characters have high appearance and poor reasoning. This drama took 8 episodes to prove that the good-looking people are scumbags in solving cases?

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Murder at Sea is a new Spanish-language drama series launched by Netflix. As the name suggests, it tells a classic type of detective drama with a story background at sea.

Murder at Sea is set in the 1940s, when a huge ship full of passengers prepares to leave for Brazil, and the passengers on the ship generally intend to start a new life through this trip.

Just as the ship was about to set off, it encountered the "bad omen" of an albatross slamming into the glass to commit suicide. Although it did not become a wreck like the Titanic, it opened the classic "Blizzard Villa" mode of mystery novels. This model often occurs in villas, isolated islands, and secret rooms.

Let's recognize people first. There are three groups of main characters. The first group is the two sisters of the protagonist and their relatives and friends. The blond sister is going to marry the owner of the shipping company soon, and the wedding will be held on the boat. The brown-haired sister is a writer, and she is somewhat conflicted about her sister's upcoming marriage.

Before getting on the boat, the younger sister rescued a girl who escaped marriage. After the girl was packed and brought on the boat, the series of murders began.

There are also two sisters' uncles on the boat, who look like a small white-bearded fried chicken uncle. There are also the maid and mother and daughter, and the doctor on the ship is also their old acquaintance.

The second group of people were all related to his fiancé. He brought his sister-in-law and her husband, who were separated from each other by their looks.

There are also his two good friends, the master and the servant. The master is a playboy, and the servant is a self-taught grassroots chemist with lofty ideals. The two maids fell in love with the heroine and sisters at the same time. The maid is an ambitious girl. Hope to get married with her beauty.

Of course, the fiancé also has his own dark side, and he even has a... creditor who insists on blackmailing.

The last batch of important roles are the various staff on the ship. The white-haired captain has control over the ship, and his words and deeds are "my site listens to me", which seems a bit superstitious and paranoid.

The first mate is the male protagonist. Although he has a typical playboy face, his overall performance is still very good. The second mate had a girlfriend who was a resident singer on the ship, and a striking girl.

The second dungeon didn't look so eye-catching, but when the whole ship encountered a storm on the front, the plot was a little bit bloody, because the captain ran rampant and the first mate was shot and couldn't command, the second mate just managed the situation and survived the storm and saved the whole ship. The lives of more than 1,600 people.

In addition, there are detectives on board, and there are even mysterious figures with hideous faces.

The father of the heroine's two sisters died in an accident. After his father's death, his shoe company closed. However, the father's death seems to have an inside story. In addition, many characters have dead or missing family members, including the first mate's wife and the captain's wife.

Among the main characters on the ship, there are entanglements of interests and emotional entanglements. As a suspense drama, the basic framework is good, but in the end it didn't hold up when acting... In general, a suspense drama will always have one or two talented people who are responsible for revealing the secret. In this drama, the detective should be considered at least half the villain. Both sisters are a little silly and sweet, and Shuangshang is often a little touching.

The actor's performance can only be said to be ordinary, I thought this would be a somewhat cunning character, but it really didn't. He is a little brother with solid business ability and conscientiousness, and he is quite honest.

Between the male and female protagonists, the emotional drama is more interesting...

On the whole, the drama of Murder at Sea does not actually have an amazing reasoning process. Although there are reversals and suspense, it feels more like a neat structure has been completed, and there is no more out-of-the-box play.

For a scene in a confined space at sea that can be well excavated, the screenwriter designed a storm and added dramatic seasickness. The one who was recruited was the nurse who was about to help with the operation. Fortunately, it was the male protagonist who was going to have the operation, and the female protagonist could top it in time, otherwise there should be no follow-up plot.

Do you think this is the most embarrassing episode of the whole show? Of course not, in order to make the reversal part forcibly reasonable, the whole play also arranged an amnesia stalk.

In this show, the reasoning is a bit commonplace, but this cannot hide the biggest advantage of the whole show, that is... Yan Zhi.

The male protagonist's name is Hong Kota Harena, who is a little famous male model with a beautiful face and figure. Under normal circumstances, you can't be too demanding of handsome guys and beauties from models who have good acting skills. This little guy's expression control sometimes goes a bit off track, but the uniform is indeed handsome.

Compared with the male protagonist, the female lead Ivana Baquero has a lot of acting experience. She became famous at a young age and played Pan's Labyrinth, a masterpiece directed by Guillermo Toro. When she was a child, she looked three-point similar to Hu Xianxu's eyebrows and eyes. Then there is a beauty.

In addition to the looks of the actors, this drama is also attractive to those who are obsessed with retro style. It may not fully restore the sense of age, but it is indeed beautiful.

The female characters have elegant curly hair and retro red lips. Even the maids of the heroine and sisters secretly use their lipsticks.

However, since this is a Spanish-language drama, the pronunciation and mouth shape are very large, and it is easy to cut emojis.

In addition to the expression packs, another feature of the Spanish-language drama is that the characters' names are really long... It's very difficult to put two names in one line of subtitles.

The solution is to stop trying to remember your full name, just recognize your face. However, face recognition is also difficult. At first glance, it seems that many actors have dark hair and thick beards. The solution is probably to look twice.

The show ends in that "truth is revealed, but a new wave of suspense is coming" style. The detective didn't get involved in the number one case on the ship, but he caught some people in the number three case. A boat of survivors who survived the death is slowly approaching. According to the routine, there should be various people related to the protagonists.

Another suspense is the entrepreneurial idea of ​​a grass-roots chemist. It is very likely that his master will take it as his own. In the matter of vying for sisters, this little brother has no chance of saving his defeat. If his career will be hit hard again, It can only be directly blackened in the second season.

The more direct stimulation at the end is that the chief villain of the whole play uses his teeth to attack the guards to escape, and the scene was evaluated by the friends as "it feels a bit like a zombie movie". Speaking of which, everyone is still on the boat and has not gone ashore yet. There is actually no big problem in adding another season, but this is an obvious plot. It is not easy to say whether it can be renewed for the next season mainly by virtue of its appearance.

Welcome to pay attention to the 57-line self-media bandit drama, a bandit will make fun of you with you~

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