The world has been unable to stop Kuroko from expressing himself! ! !

Glennie 2022-07-17 13:45:02

In the non-corrupt animation, Zi Yuan is the confession emperor! ! !
Every word has a variety of confessions to the mouse! ! !
Nice to meet you! ! !
I just want to be by your side! ! !
what what! ! !

Sorry to digress!
I'm just here to complain, not to pinch Xipi, thank you! ! !

After half a year, there is finally a confession master who can compete with Ziyuan! ! !
Our calm student Kuroko with natural facial paralysis! ! !
"I want to be your shadow and make you number one in Japan!!!"
In fact, the subtext is: I want to be your internal assistant and make you number one in Japan! ! !
Since ancient times, Xipi has been red and red! ! !
Today's world is no longer a world where arrogant and arrogant do not show their intentions! ! !
Confess the emperor to rule the world! ! !
In the second chapter, our classmates Heizi firmly rejected the love request of good friends.
"I have made an agreement with classmate Vulcan, I am serious"
In fact, the subtext is: I have decided to go with classmate Vulcan, I am serious! ! !
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! ! !
If I see any boy in the future, I will definitely confess it by this trick! ! !
I will make you number one in the heaven! ! !

Chapter 3 Vulcan touches domineeringly? ? ? Kuroko's head said to Huang Se, "He is your weakness!!!"
In fact, the subtext is not: "Hehe, the person you love is not your lover, every inch of his heart belongs to me!!!"
Now I have learned a new way of confession! ! ! !
Although I didn't learn it from classmate Kuroko: "My weakness is you"! ! ! !
Hahahahahahahahahahaha! ! ! !
Only you are my weakness! ! ! ! !
This shows how much I love you! ! !
In fact, isn't the best confession at this time better than silence! ! !
Isn't it just a disguised confession to Vulcan classmate to directly reject Kise-kun! ! !
Kise's stalking confession method is also worth learning! ! !
This is so cute that I wet the pillow with tears, right? ! !

In everyone's eyes, the fourth episode is the one that makes people's blood boil, but in my opinion, it is the one that was abused to tears! ! !
This is the so-called xipi collocation, isn't it tiring to work! ! !
Although Kuroko was injured, he insisted: "Because it was agreed, I want to become the shadow of Vulcan!" ! !
In fact, isn't it "I am the shadow of Vulcan classmates in life, and I am also the shadow of Vulcan classmates in death"! ! !
Classmate Kuroko not only confessed verbally! ! !
I also practiced this myself! ! !
The highest state of confession emperor is to put words into action! ! !
What students have learned! ! !
However, Huang Se's emotional career has both suffered setbacks! ! !
This abuse made me cry and wet the pillow! ! !

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