Kuroko's Basketball movie plot

2022-07-17 21:01
The TEIKO basketball team, in its glorious history, also has five "miracle generations" who are said to have only appeared a genius in ten years. Even now that they are in high school, the praise for them is still the same and they continue to be called.
It was Seirin High School's ace, Kagami Taiga , who came close to their strength and exerted his power . That innate talent that becomes more enthusiastic due to the increasing brilliance of the game is Seirin's "light", but if Vulcan is "light", "shadow" is the will to support the team's leap forward and will not be shaken. Seirin High School, Kuroko Tetsuya .
Seirin, who made it to the winter trials, took advantage of his momentum and defeated Tonghuang Academy with Qingfeng and Yangquan with Ziyuan. Finally got to the semi-finals.! 
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