If I can create such an interesting character, I must use it all the time

Alanna 2022-10-29 21:26:05

Painjuan is not a very good cartoonist. Although he worked hard and even moved bricks, he wanted to draw fantasy comics, but to be honest, after seeing his melee archer, I can only say that he started from drawing. Fengshang is naturally not suitable for this kind of comics. To put it bluntly, he is only suitable for comics with realistic themes, and fantasy is absolutely impossible.

When it comes to why his new golf serial was beheaded, doesn't he know the reason? In addition to the fact that golf is really unpopular, it is because he simply wants to draw golf. With his love for golf, he can't support a serialization in the sauce shop. It's the same as he likes fantasy but can't draw . The successful comparison of the black basketball is not what he wanted to draw basketball at all, but he first set the position of the role of Heizi, and then chose the basketball that can best use his skills in all sports, I have to say This is one of those brilliant ideas that can't be reproduced a second time. There is no such idea in golf. He definitely wants to draw golf before he starts to think about how to set the protagonist's skills. First The order is different.

It was mentioned in the interview that he created Kuroko for the purpose of making him do all the things he could not do before, so I said that the difference between the black basketball and other sports is that the sport itself is not important, the black basketball is not important. The cornerstone of the game has and only Tetsuya Kuroko, the protagonist who plays the auxiliary role.

And the entry point of the black basketball is also very good. The whole framework is set in the first episode, and the five former teammates will fight one by one. Compared with the slogan of No. 1 in the country, the slogan is simply a foil. Man can't tell the difference, but the idea of ​​hitting former teammates is particularly refreshing.

The former teammates are all staged BOSS positions, and the treatment is no worse than the protagonist. In comparison, although the Seirin team is the protagonist team, everyone except Vulcan Kuroko is a supporting role. Anyway, I have never seen any comics. The most important scene at the end was taken for a group photo with his former teammates, which shows the attitude of the pain roll, not to mention the formula book.

Compared with other talented cartoonists, Painjuan lacks talent, but at least every game has a mouth and a beard, but there is a good reason for winning or losing. I'm not confident that he can come up with another genius idea, so I might as well continue to draw black baskets to make up for the lack of daily articles. Anyway, most people who watch the black basketball think basketball is not important, and he himself thinks basketball is not important, so he simply removes the basketball and starts a new series with Heizi as the protagonist, but don't play golf, golf can't play support.

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