Kaya 2022-10-29 15:12:11

1. Apart from the fact that the plot is fantasy basketball, I spend a lot of time playing games. 2. Several protagonists are well drawn. 3. Although the era of the Emperor's Miracle was very strong, there were many tragedies in the too strong small groups. The score was easy, and the trust in teammates was gradually lost. The initial happiness of playing basketball was the strength of the team. The victory over them brought by Heizi over and over again allowed them to find their original aspirations. 4. Kuroko's character is not very talented, but works very hard! ! Finally, I still played my own style of play, insisted on my own style of play - teamwork, and finally influenced many people. Relying on passing skills is destined to be different from playing basketball independently. But Heizi's keen observation, analytical strategy, and indomitable spirit persisted to the end!

The atmosphere of many teams is very good, and Tie Xin is very moved by his teammates

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