Kuroko no バスケ

Mariano 2022-11-04 08:37:24

I don't know if it's because the imprint of "slam dunk" is too deep. At the beginning, Vulcan Da's red hair and provocative attitude made me instantly shift to Sakuragi Flower Road, and the low-key Kuroko's first reaction was Rukawa Maple. Kuroko's CV voice is a little turbid, and I personally feel that it would be better if it were clearer. It seems to be more in line with the character's desire for a transparent shadow, but the weak voice reflects the weak aura quite well. Seeing half of it, I feel that Vulcan = Small Akagi Gangxian + Sakuragi Flower Road, Kuroko = Miyagi Ryoda + Rukawa Maple. I have the urge to continue watching, and it really is because I ignited the nerve of "Slam Dunk", but to watch the work independently is to respect the work.

Ryota Kise in the second episode of playing basketball in a suit... Anyway, you can borrow a sports suit, it makes me feel that I don't respect basketball. Also, ED is not very good. The opening monologue of each episode is good, and although it says the same thing, I enjoy the sound and the mystery. The overall atmosphere has no bloody feeling at all, and the characters are too beautiful. On the contrary, Heizi has a weak appearance, no aura, a tepid temper, but a very firm personality on the inside, which is very appealing to me. Vulcan Taiga has red hair, Midorima Shintaro has green hair, Kise Ryota has yellow hair, and Shirahara Atsushi has hair. According to this, Kuroko should have black hair, and Aomine Daiki should have blue hair... So, the characters let me There is the possibility of abandoning the drama, unless the next plot attracts me.

Accidentally discovered that Kuroko is No. 11, the same as Rukawa Kaede, Vulcan is No. 10, and Sakuragi is the same. It really doesn't matter if Ryota and Vulcan have been talking to each other for so long on the field of play... After watching a few episodes, I finally realized that, as many comments have said, watching this drama according to the idea of ​​"bringing my husband to beat my ex-husband" is the only way to watch this drama. correct thinking. The limit of what kind of person, the incomparable talent is undoubtedly revealed. All in all, the positioning of this show is very important, although the blood is far less than SD, and the basic love is not as good as "The World's First Love" and "Pure Romance", if it is simply regarded as "spotlight's harem", this show will be extremely happy.

In addition, the author: Fujimaki Zhongjun, born in 1982, one of his favorite anime is SD, his feelings for SD should be no less than anyone in the 1980s, no wonder there are shadows of SD everywhere, but he likes SD but draws I still don't approve of the harem manga in basketball clothes.

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