cannibalistic society

Paige 2022-07-12 16:51:38

The ruler developed a new energy 'Eden Wood' to supply the whole society, promising that as long as people have the courage to contribute and work hard, they can have a beautiful Eden-like future (cube fruit on the tree), in fact, this promise will never be realized. The bottom layer of 'Eden Wood' is the sucked and broken working class; the second layer is the working class struggling in this system; the third layer is the freest upper class, but in the end she finds herself polluted too They are just tools and playthings of the ruler (so they left the protagonist resentfully); the top layer is the violent ruler, and the chief guard (the protagonist) is their representative. Due to the toxins produced by the 'Eden Wood' (the inevitable result of social evils), the working class rioted. The chief guard led a team of troops to suppress them. As a result, they were beaten by the workers and temporarily lost their memory. The film starts here.

The captain of the guard went up layer by layer, gradually regaining his memory, and finally found that he was different from the other three classes. He was not an outcast in this dark world, but a real violent ruler - an exploitative class. This bizarre journey made the protagonist see clearly the essence of this dark society, and realized that the only way to save this society is to be the only grassroots who do not give but take, and like other grassroots, give up their dominance. To give, to dedicate, to feed the common 'Eden Wood' of mankind! So in the end, the protagonist said "for the sake of mankind" and dedicated himself to the 'Eden Wood'. The 'Eden Wood' devoured the sinful city, and human beings truly went to the Garden of Eden! The protagonist shed tears of relief, which may also be the director's good intentions to those in power, hoping that those in power can fully realize.

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  • Man on wall: I don't know how you survived 'til now but please: get away!