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2022-07-12 16:23
The starting point of life is the moment you open your eyes, what you see is not sunlight, but a dark world. The instinct to survive requires you to face all adversity, overcome all difficulties with a tenacious will, and live on.
Many lives have undergone qualitative changes, either to benefit from others or to attack others. The mutual struggle between races has made this world meaningless to survive. These beings draw energy from nature and have caused nature to wither.
- The person on the 4th floor is in a desperate situation. Facing the protagonist, he can only persuade him to commit suicide.
-3 layers of people, life has withered. He tried to regenerate nature, but failed.
People on the -2nd floor, unbelievable to see people who have not been polluted, but can instead regenerate nature.
The person on the -1st floor, that was an Eve, ate the forbidden fruit with the pure Adam.
Back at the ground control center, the truth is revealed.
The world is on the verge of destruction, and resources are about to be depleted. Scientists designed the "Eden Log" ( Etz haChayim ) with the intention of regenerating it and delivering energy to the human world. But the "Eden Log" built underground doesn't restore energy the way it was designed. Scientists have thought of using the method of grafting the human body and the tree to transfer the energy of the human body to the "Eden Log", and then transfer it back to the human world from the "Eden Log".
It is a pity that the circulatory system has undergone a sudden qualitative change during operation, and the phytotoxicity contaminates the human body, making them work hard to return to the ground to contaminate more people. The security brigade led the crowd down to the plantation below the -4 floor and found that the plants had withered, and their team was also attacked.
The amnesiac captain finally understands the cause and effect, and he has to make a difficult decision. The tenacious will to survive prompted him to choose to graft with "Etz haChayim" for the benefit of more people, and eventually spread green plants all over the world.
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  • Man on wall: I don't know how you survived 'til now but please: get away!

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